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Fragmentary Rumors Claim iPhone 15 Pro May Ditch Another Core Feature

Apple regularly gets rid of all sorts of things in their iPhone and Mac products, and in most cases, these are things that people use quite often.

The company caused quite a stir when it ditched the 3.5mm headphone jack on the iPhone 7, caused even more excitement when it ditched the Home Touch ID button for Face ID on the iPhone X, and spent years removing all the useful ports from the MacBook.

While Apple appears to have stopped minimizing the Mac lineup, a new and somewhat sketchy rumor suggests that the iPhone lineup may not be over yet.

A rumor that comes from a source unknown to us suggests that the iPhone 15 Pro could be the first iPhone without a physical SIM card slot. Apple has added eSIM compatibility to iPhones with iPhone 13 phones offering dual eSIM functionality.

Report from Blog (via 9to5Mac) says Apple will be ready to ditch the physical SIM port by the time the 2023 iPhone Pro launches.

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The translated comments from an internal source says: “Apple has been experimenting for a long time with no longer needing a SIM card (known as an operator chip in Brazil) by introducing eSIM technology. But according to internal sources on the iPhone blog, from 2023 onwards, the iPhone Pro version could start shipping without entering data on a physical SIM card, working with only two eSIM slots. “

While this rumor seems pretty false, it would be wise for Apple to get rid of the physical card and push the industry towards a plastic-free future. While this is certainly possible, we are taking this rumor seriously.

It is also believed that Apple is trying to get rid of all the ports on the iPhone, and this will free up all the important space for a larger battery or Touch ID sensor under the display. Maybe this rumor is worth keeping an eye on.

What part of the iPhone do you think is the most irreplaceable, if any? Let us know @trustedreviews on Twitter.

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