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four big differences you need to know

Apple iPhone SE 3 vs. iPhone 8 – Apple has just unveiled its latest iPhone SE update, and there are some impressive new features to look out for if you’re looking to upgrade from the iPhone 8.

Due to the fact that the iPhone SE 2 uses a very similar chassis to the iPhone 8, Apple’s affordable phone and its eighth generation smartphone have always been ripe for comparison, and the same goes for the latest SE shown during the Apple Peek Performance event.

Keep in mind that the iPhone SE 3 isn’t the major upgrade over the SE 2 that some fans might have been expecting, but for now, the differences with the iPhone 8 are quite surmountable. If you’re thinking about taking the plunge and buying the new iPhone SE, then these are the main differences you should be aware of.

5G and connectivity

Access to 5G networks has been blocked from Apple’s most premium smartphones since the iPhone 12, but now this increasingly popular feature has finally made its way to the iPhone SE lineup. This means that if you’re in a 5G area (and connected to a network that supports it), you can enjoy super-fast download and upload speeds on iPhone SE 3.

On the other hand, the iPhone 8, released before the popularization of 5G, is stuck using the old 4G network.


One of the biggest selling points of the iPhone SE 3 is that it comes bundled with the same A15 Bionic chipset found in the iPhone 13 lineup. This allows the SE 3 to use a flagship-level processor that more than doubles the speed of the iPhone 8’s A11 chip. graphics performance.

The new chip will surely ensure that the iPhone SE 3 outlasts the iPhone 8 when it comes to software updates and can make the most of iOS 15 from the get-go. This includes features such as Live Text, which immediately highlights and extracts text from a scene through the camera app.

All three iPhone SE colors
iPhone SE 3

Battery life

Even though the iPhone SE 3 takes up the same amount of space as the iPhone 8, the inclusion of the aforementioned A15 chipset will allow for significantly better battery life. According to Apple, the iPhone SE 3 can play videos for up to two hours longer than the iPhone 8.

This will no doubt be an enticing feature for anyone who has seen their iPhone 8’s lifespan fade away since the moment you bought it.


While Apple hasn’t dropped the “Ceramic Shield” descriptor it’s had in the past, the company has acknowledged that the iPhone SE 3 uses the same stronger glass as the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro.

If you’re unlucky enough to see the screen or back of your iPhone 8 crack due to an accidental drop, then the increased durability will be a huge boon.

Early verdict

As always, no definitive conclusions can be drawn until we get our hands on the iPhone SE 3, but based on what we’ve seen so far, it’s hard to imagine that iPhone 8 users aren’t in need of an upgrade right now.

The move to 5G will be an enticing prospect for many, and for any users who may have spotted instances of the A11 chipset struggling to keep up with the latest apps and updates, the prowess of the A15 Bionic will feel like a much-needed boost. power.

Reliable double

So far, Apple has been doing the right thing with iPhone 8 users by keeping them up to date with security updates, but if I were among those users, I would be seriously tempted to upgrade. In particular, if you decide to ditch the 2020 iPhone SE, the fact that the price of the 2022 version hasn’t gone up means that any delays have been rewarded for that alone. Anyone hoping for groundbreaking changes like a pass-through display might be tempted to hold back again, but it’s worth mentioning that we may not see another SE update until 2024 if Apple decides to make the two-year cycle the norm.

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