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Forget purple, these are the colors that Apple should use for the iPhone 13


Apple has introduced a new snazzy purple hue for its iPhone 12 at the Spring Loaded event and yes, it’s a nice additional color for one of the best phones you can buy it now.

But really, this new color made us think about what shades Apple would like to give when the inevitable iPhone 13 arrive later this year.

So instead of just imagining it, we have our ridiculously skilled designer Tom to frustrate a few of his conceptual designers who show the iPhone 12 in a variety of new colors. Here’s what he came up with …

My personal favorite of the case is this mango shade that looks just terrifying with the iPhone’s glass and opaque sides. It’s light, different from anything I’ve seen elsewhere and, importantly, subtle.

This feels a little more pastel than the bolder colors we now have available. I will buy this in a moment if Apple offers it for the iPhone 13.

This green is much darker than the minty, bathroom-inspired shade of the 70s you can get on the iPhone 12 right now. But, more importantly, it’s clearer and more unique than the Midnight Green option that Apple offers with it iPhone 11 Pro.

That color was beautiful, but it was so dark that it was often difficult to distinguish it from black. If you are going to turn green then you can also go green. And this it really is green.


This color is much bolder than anything Apple has used recently and if you’re willing to risk it, then this would be the shade to follow if you want to stand out. This is a really bright yellow and looks like some sort of high-vis jacket or tennis ball.

No one will miss you if you take a photo at night with the phone out.

If the yellow above isn’t punchy enough – what do you think of this bubblegum, candy cotton pink? Apple doesn’t offer a pink color of any kind for the iPhone 12 which seems like a missed opportunity for me.

And finally the piece of resistance, the crème de la crème, the really requested color of the iPhone 13 among the Trusted Reviews team is this rainbow offer. I love the way the mixed colors blend on the sides and how they look different almost everywhere.

So, there are our favorites – but which one do you choose? Tweet us @trustedreviews with your most desired iPhone 13 color and see if we can give it life.

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