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Fast charging: Pixel 3 software snub shows Google still catching up with Apple

OPINION: The end of Android updates for the Pixel 3 simply shows that Apple is still unbeatable when it comes to software support.

Bad news for everyone who owned a Pixel 3 smartphone this week. Google announced that it will stop supporting all software for the device, including security updates, so it will no longer be updated or even protected from potential threats.

After just three years of ownership, Pixel 3 owners are left out.

There seemed to be no remorse in Google’s response: “We believe that three years of security and OS updates still provide users with a great experience for their devices.”

There are few other products so important to our daily lives where it would be acceptable to let the manufacturer discard them after only a few years of sale. Can we really buy a car that, for example, won’t be able to pass inspection in a few years? However, here is one of the world’s leading technology companies leaving a branded product vulnerable to cyber threats while the hardware is still perfectly usable. More than useful actually, it’s inconceivable that the CPU, RAM, and battery can’t support further upgrades.

I can guess several reasons for Google’s policy, though none of them are particularly good. This is most likely due to the fact that consumers are not aware of the need for such software updates. Also, there is the problem that software is not a physical product and always shows obvious and obvious decline, so it’s easy to get it out of your head. In addition, there is the undeniable fact that people still continue to buy phones, knowing that software updates will run out in a few years. But to me, they seem more like excuses than reasons, and I wish Google would be more ambitious for its customer base.

By introducing the Pixel line of phones to showcase the best of what Android has to offer, it inevitably draws comparisons to one big competitor, Apple, and that’s not very flattering for Google.

The iPhone 6s, released back in 2015, has been updated to the latest iOS 15 software, just like every other phone since then. All of these older devices are getting the same security status as the one you just spent over £1,000 on last week. When you buy an iPhone, it means you can be sure that your device will run the latest software for many years to come, which should be a very reassuring feeling for any potential consumer and has certainly turned some away from buying an Android product. .

While Google’s software is very good and only seems to get better, at least based on our experience with the new handy features and design of the great Pixel 6 series, the idea of ​​extending the lifespan of your devices isn’t just a way to close the gap. between themselves and market leader Apple, but it’s just the right thing to do. No one should be forced to buy a new smartphone every three years just to stay safe.

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