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Fast Charging: Apple allows owners to repair their iPhones, which is great, but I would also like something else.

OPINION: Apple surprised everyone this week when, after years of belligerent rejection, it finally allowed customers to repair their own iPhones.

In particular, in public statement The tech giant has confirmed it will release documentation detailing how and the tools to allow customers to repair their iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 phones as part of a new self-repair program.

It sounds shallow, and I’m still wondering how much it would charge people for the parts and special tools to do it, but this is a big step for Apple, which has traditionally insisted that its devices are too complex for a normal person. repair.

This is why, if you look at its history, it has filed numerous removal requests against online guides detailing how to repair its kit, and has often reminded users that any repairs done by unapproved Apple services will void the device’s warranty.

This year alone, it had to turn around sharply to allow iPhone 13 customers to use third-party screen replacement services, after backlash when a number of early adopters learned it could interfere with Face ID.

This is why he created products with things like soldered to solid state drives, parts that require individual use, Apple-exclusive, screws to add and remove, and generally made it very difficult for DIY fans to disassemble or repair his technology. Look at any repair manual on iFixit and most Apple products have an “average” difficulty rating at best and come with numerous warnings.

On the one hand, a U-turn is great. I’ve always been a big supporter the right to repair traffic. It is an eco-friendly movement that lobbies for the right of consumers to renovate their own products. The idea is that if companies design products that are easy to repair at home and provide the documentation and tools to enable them to do so, we will create less waste as people will keep their belongings longer.

It’s a simple idea and it really makes sense – I can’t tell you how many times I have replaced a phone that I was completely happy with just because its battery is running low or the cost of replacing a cracked screen makes it faster and easier to just get a new one.

But for me, to borrow a catchphrase from Steve Jobs, there is “one more thing” I would like Apple to do in its ongoing efforts to improve resilience.

Specifically, I would like it to allow independent bodies to audit their homework and accredit their environmental efforts.

To truly demonstrate its commitment to the right to repair, Apple must allow its product to be accredited by independent NGOs such as Cradle to Cradle Institute for Product InnovationCheck your homework. I am made this argument earlier this year, when the Bang and Olufsen audio company unveiled their Beosound Level speaker, which received the bronze ‘Cradle to Cradle’ certification.

The reason I say this is because everything is good and good when you are good at something – and to this day I claim that I am the only person on Trusted Reviews serving turkey – but you are not provide evidence and don’t let people check the facts, that’s just bragging.

This is why I would really like to see Apple partner with and work with independent organizations to go even further with its sustainability efforts.

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