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Easypaisa partners with Munsalik Digital to digitize the microfinance sector

Easypaisa, Pakistan’s leading digital payment platform, has partnered with Munsalik Digital (MDPL) to optimize its operational capabilities. Through this partnership, Munsalik will be able to pay and collect loan payments through Easypaisa’s widespread branchless banking network, thereby increasing efficiency, standardizing processes and improving customer interactions. MDPL is digitizing the client connection process for microfinance institutions with a credit management system (LMS), and this partnership with Easypaisa will help ensure seamless integration through open APIs.

Easypaisa is at the forefront of continuous innovation in the digital financial landscape through collaboration and technology, and this partnership with Munsalik Digital is another step in that direction. The platform broadens the horizons for many of its partners to innovate in Pakistan’s financial ecosystem and deliver simple, convenient and secure digital financial services to the wider audience.

Commenting on the development of events, Shahzad Khan, Head of Channels at Microfinance Bank Easypaisa / Telenor, said:

“Digitizing Pakistan’s financial landscape is urgent, but it will require the collective efforts of all players with an economic interest. At Easypaisa, we do our best to provide all key stakeholders with a common platform through which they can offer their services seamlessly. This partnership with Munsalik will be an important step in our mission to build a cashless economy for all Pakistanis. ”

This was stated by the general director of Munsalik, Syed Mohsin Ahmed.

“The partnership with Easypaisa / Telenor Microfinance Bank is critical in these early days of Munsalik’s journey as it provides access to well-established digital payment partners, thereby enabling our members to use the Munsalik Shared Services platform to repay and repay loans. This partnership also takes us one step further in fulfilling the financial inclusion mandate outlined in the National Financial Inclusion Strategy. “

With nearly 10 million monthly active users of Easypaisa app on Android and iOS platforms, Easypaisa is the most used Pakistani app in all categories. Easypaisa remains committed to transforming Pakistan into a cashless and financially inclusive society, creating value through collaboration and technology.

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