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Do-it-yourself iPhone repairs are available, but the prices aren’t worth the hassle

After backlash from Samsung and Google, Apple has finally launched a self-service store that will allow iPhone owners to repair their devices themselves.

However, the repair kit costs so much that there really is no point in wasting time and hassle doing it yourself.

keep, which is now available to US customers, is offering an iPhone 12 display repair kit for $269. Getting Apple to do this on an out-of-warranty phone only costs $10 more at $279.

This really only makes sense if you don’t want to be left without your iPhone during the repair by sending it to Apple for repair or leaving it at your local store. For example, it can be handy for tech-savvy people in remote areas.

The store itself stocks genuine Apple parts for the iPhone 13, iPhone 12, and iPhone SE 3, including frequently replaced parts such as the battery, camera, display, and SIM tray. Apple also offers replacement parts for the Taptic Engine and bottom speaker for all three product lines.

The store provides links to repair manual The necessary tools are listed for each iPhone model along with instructions on how to remove and replace the corresponding part.

Apple says DIY repair isn’t for everyone, as evidenced by the list of tools needed to repair an iPhone 13 display. We counted 16, and these aren’t items you’d find in your typical toolbox. Apple will rent them out to users in the US for $49 per time.

“Self-service repair is for people with knowledge and experience in repairing electronic devices. If you are familiar with the complexities of repairing electronic devices,” the company says.

Apple has said it plans to expand the self-healing program to other product lines in the future, including Macs, but the last three iPhone releases are a good start.

Currently, repairs are only available in the United States, but given the idea behind the program is to get ahead of upcoming regulation from regions, including the EU, guaranteeing the right to repair, we may see Apple expanding availability sooner rather than later. . The cost of the repair program suggests that Apple cares more about ticking this box than providing consumers with an affordable service.

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