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Dimensity 9000, OnePlus 10 Pro and Black Friday

Okay, okay – we said we wouldn’t be filming Black Friday, but here we are. But that’s just one segment, okay?

Before that, we’ll talk via MediaTek’s Dimensity 9000, which was announced a few hours after last week’s presentation. This is a new flagship chip from its biggest competitor, Qualcomm, and for the first time has features that not only surpass the Snadpragon 888, but may even surpass the upcoming Snapdragon flagship, which will not be called the Snapdragon 898.

Then there is the OnePlus 10 Pro. No, it hasn’t been announced, but after the design leaked to the renders a few weeks ago, we now have an almost complete spec leak. But don’t get your hopes up – not much has changed since the 9 Pro. OnePlus is failing?

And then finally yes: Black Friday. The biggest sales season of the year is coming. But are there any great deals on phones and other mobile technologies, or are you better off saving money?

You can watch the full live stream in the video embedded at the top of this snippet, or head straight to YouTube to watch it there (and subscribe if you so desire).

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