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Crisis in Ukraine: Qualcomm stops selling products to Russian companies

Chip maker Qualcomm said on Wednesday it had stopped selling its products to Russian companies in line with sanctions imposed by the US following Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

The company’s actions were revealed by its senior vice president of government affairs, Nate Tibbits, in a tweet in response to a comment by Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov.

Calling on Tibbits to stop deliveries to Russia, Fedorov said that Qualcomm products are still available in Russia and this “inadvertently allows this country to kill thousands of Ukrainians.”

In his response, Tibbits said: “That is not true. Qualcomm called for a peaceful resolution to Russian aggression in Ukraine, made direct donations to aid organizations, and equalized employee dues.”

“We comply with US sanctions and laws, we do not sell products to Russian companies,” he said.

Thanking for this step, Fedorov subsequently suggested that the chipmaker send his satellite phones to Ukrainian rescuers if they wanted to help.

Although the invasion drew the ire of Western countries and led to several American companies ceasing their activities in Russia, the country called its actions in Ukraine a “special operation.”

Revenue from Russia and Ukraine accounts for less than 1% of total revenue, Qualcomm said at a shareholder meeting earlier this month.

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