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Could Nokia be on track to launch its first flagship phone since 2019?


Speculation is rife that Nokia may be on track to launch its first flagship phone from 2019 Nokia 9 Pureview.

The evidence indicating a new flagship is not conclusive, but it is certainly convincing. A Weibo post recently canceled by China HMD project director Zhang Yucheng has promised that a new Nokia 5G phone will mark the country’s “singles day” – an unofficial holiday that falls on November 11 each year.

True, the presence of 5G doesn’t necessarily point to a flagship phone, but in the past society hasn’t planned events for its average and budget offering, so it’s hard to imagine that this would be a party for a low-cost mobile phone.

Why the publication was canceled is anyone’s guess, but the best hope for people in Western banking on a new Nokia flagship is that the Chinese marketing department mocked the product before the various other territories were ready to go. . Otherwise, it is entirely possible that a possible new Nokia flagship will be a proposal only in China, since the revelation was on a Chinese social network.

Which will give some credence to a recent report that said that HMD plans to release a Nokia smartphone with Huawei’s new Harmony OS software. Notably, Huawei has since stated that Nokia will adopt the operating system as “fake”, but.


It has been reported for the Nokia X60 and X60 Pro, that it could still be in operation, even if Harmony OS doesn’t perform well. Elsewhere, there are rumors of a Nokia X50, but early signs point to mid-range specs, with a device powered by the Snapdragon 775 5G processor, which feels less likely to be subjected to a special event.

We hope to see a new flagship Nokia phone in the near future. The Nokia 9 Pureview was a strange device thanks to its (at the time) rear camera setup with five unprecedented lenses and a slightly dated chipset, but it was a welcome challenge for the flagships of Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi and OnePlus.

We approached HMD Global to ask about the deleted Weibo post, and we will update this post if and when we hear anything.

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