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Coders, designers and entrepreneurs thrive thanks to Apple Developer Academy

The first Apple Academy for Developers was opened in Brazil in 2013, with the goal of providing the tools and training for aspiring entrepreneurs, developers and designers to find and create jobs in the thriving iOS app economy. Since then, the company has opened more than a dozen academies worldwide with two others on the way: one in Korea, and one in Detroit, Michigan, the first U.S. location. The program has enabled students around the world to develop apps and entrepreneurship training, many of whom have gone on to start their own businesses, create and sell apps in the App Store, and give back to their communities. With plans in place underway, thousands of students around the world will now have access to these opportunities each year.

The new academy programs in Detroit and Korea will join more than a dozen other sites in Brazil, Indonesia and Italy. All over the world, whether students are in Naples, Italy, or Jakarta, Indonesia, academy participants will learn the basics of coding as well as professional core, design, and marketing skills, ensuring that graduates have the full range of skills needed to contribute to their local business community. The curriculum also embodies Apple’s values ​​throughout the course, encouraging students to conceive inclusively and make a positive impact around the world.

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