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Clips add new immersive AR Spaces

Clips, Apple’s easy video creation application for iPhone and iPad, gives users even more fun options for recording eye-catching videos. With the new AR spaces powered by LiDAR on the iPhone 12 Pro and iPad Pro models, creators can transform a space by adding immersive visual effects that map to the contours of a room, and can be easily shared with anyone. AR spaces in the Clips app leverage Apple’s unique combination of hardware and software, offering another inventive way for users to engage and enjoy friends and family, or share playful, engaging videos on social media. Clips it also increases creative options with monthly versions of content that contain new filters, stickers, and even more.

Transform a room with new AR spaces

First introduced in iPad Pro last year, the LiDAR Scanner focuses on selected iPhone and iPad models1 allows cutting-edge depth-sensing capabilities, never before possible on a mobile device. This advanced technology measures the distance of light and uses the pixel depth information of a scene to provide faster and more realistic augmented reality (AR) experiences. Combined with the tight integration of Apple hardware and software, Clips 3.1 now allows users to record amazing videos with magical effects that map to the shape of a room and the objects in it.

With AR Spaces in Clips 3.1, users can easily scan a room and see a live preview of effects that bring life to dynamic lighting, falling objects, and immersive scenes. Using the rear camera on a supported iPhone or iPad,2 users see effects appearing on walls, floors, surfaces, furniture and objects.

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