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Chinese company Realme has become the fastest growing 5G smartphone brand in the world

The internet world has gotten faster and faster over the past decade, and we want everything from our Google searches to sophisticated AI programs to be fast. Added to this speed is the entry of 5G into global markets, which offers a whopping 100x speed increase over its 4G predecessor.

Smartphone companies around the world have begun incorporating 5G internet access into their latest devices, including all technology companies large and small, as 5G has slowly become the reference feature for new phones. Throughout this 5G battle, Realme has maintained its position as the fastest growing smartphone company in terms of 5G phones and their shipments.

Being one of the youngest among the top 6 mobile phone brands in the world, Realme has shown exceptional results. In the 2022 report, the Chinese brand became the fastest growing smartphone brand and ranked 5th in 20 global markets. With its exceptional quality and consistent performance, the phone and especially its 5G variants have been able to make a great name for themselves. Despite tough market conditions, Realme has not only survived, but has become a leader in the democratization of 5G.

The Q4 2021 Mobile Performance Report shows that Realme posted the highest growth among all the top tech giants and posted a 165% year-on-year growth. This is something exceptional, but what is the secret of such growth?

Well, over the past year, the company has begun to expand into new markets such as Europe, where countries such as Italy, Spain, France, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland are openly accepting Realme phones, and rapid sales have made them the fastest growing 5G brand in the world. all these countries.

Realme phones were an instant hit in the Asian and Middle East markets, the company has had a lot of success in the region over the years, but with increased competition, expansion only seemed necessary and it would be wrong to say that the company did. great job.

Speaking of such significant growth in a short amount of time, Realme CEO Sky Lee said, “This reinforces our commitment to work towards our goal of becoming a democratizer of 5G. As an emerging technology brand, realme has always been committed to encouraging young users around the world to take advantage of the latest technology such as 5G and will continue to deliver compelling and future-ready devices for fans around the world.”

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