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Canceled available Microsoft Surface Duo 2 leaks

Based on a recent eBay listing, Microsoft was planning on releasing a more affordable version of its foldable Surface Duo 2.

A mysterious all-plastic Microsoft Surface Duo 2 appeared on eBay last month. The listing, labeled “device device,” listed a device with a softer, rounder appearance than the sleek, pro-grade tablet we received.

The smaller camera module, matte finish and flat display are more in line with the original Microsoft Surface Duo. The Microsoft Surface Duo 2, in case you forgot, had an unusual double-curved display that served to display notifications and other features when closed.

Although the ad has since disappeared and appears to have been sold to an unknown buyer, Windows Center confirmed that the device was indeed real. It appears to have been codenamed Cronos at Microsoft headquarters and was due out later this year as an affordable alternative to the Microsoft Surface Duo 2.

The Cronos is said to have had a mid-range Snapdragon processor, a dual camera system, two flat-panel displays, and an all-plastic body.

From the looks of it, Microsoft canceled its Cronos project late last year and instead focused on the Microsoft Surface Duo 3. Expect to see something about that in late 2023.

As for the current Microsoft Surface Duo 2, which received mixed reviews at launch, Microsoft is working on a version of Android 12L for existing customers. The stylish foldable model has received some much-needed discounts lately.

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