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Can the Samsung sliding screen turn the page on foldable devices?

OPINION: Can sliding screens become more popular than folding screens? Samsung’s showcase at CES certainly makes us think.

Every year at CES, we look forward to seeing and showcasing the next big advancement in technology, months or even years before it becomes a reality for consumers, and that may have just happened with Samsung’s innovative sliding screen devices.

While we’ve been thrilled by the manufacturer’s previous efforts to build foldable phones like the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4, it seems like these phones have yet to really take the mainstream by storm. While you may see a few people using this form factor, they are in a solid minority for several reasons. The increase in prices for such devices is an obvious reason, but many more people are wondering if the novelty will really bring a noticeable amount of convenience to their daily lives.

However, foldable devices are one of the (few) major innovations in smartphones over the past few years, and Samsung has been a pioneer in this design. Of course, now is not the time to back down, so how about doubling down?

Think back to Samsung’s presentation at CES 2023, where the manufacturer unveiled its latest screen innovation to give us a prototype that not only folds but also glides. The Samsung Flex Hybrid laptop can be used as a 10.5-inch 4:3 display or as a full 12.4-inch 16:10 display. So can sliding screens be mobile technology? Sliding doors moment?

Given the space-saving benefits, this laptop technology will soon be applied to smartphones, bringing the dream of a hybrid phone/tablet even closer. While the Galaxy Fold gives you plenty of extra space for gaming, a larger and, most importantly, wider screen would be much more convenient for streaming, gaming, and more.

The fact that it fits more easily into a pocket when idle is another potential added benefit.

However, if this is the future of smartphones, and foldable devices as we currently know them are just one step along the way, then we may have to wait a little longer before we see such phones. In action. After all, the prototype shown by Samsung at CES 2023 was meant for a device with a larger footprint, and it will probably take some work to get the smartphone to work the same way, but to see that kind of technology has already reached the showroom floor – this is exactly what you need. why you can never take your eyes off the annual trade show held in Las Vegas.

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