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Best Verizon Black Friday US Deals: Save Up to $ 1200

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your phone this Black Friday, or just buying a new carrier for your device, it’s worth checking out Verizon’s Black Friday deals.

The mobile operator currently has a variety of Black Friday promotions for premium phones, as well as various cashback offers for monthly expenses.

We take a look at all of its best Verizon Black Friday deals right here.

Verizon Gift Card Up to $ 500 Switch

If you upgrade from your existing telephone network operator to Verizon, you can get a $ 500 Verizon Gift Card.

The amount can be used to pay your monthly bill or to buy Verizon goods or services at Verizon stores and kiosks. Verizon is also offering $ 100 if you change your provider to a tablet or smartwatch.

Find out more here.

Up to USD 1000 with exchange

If you’re looking to swap your current phone for a new one, Verizon’s Black Friday swap deals save you up to $ 1,000 on your monthly bill – you just need to sign up for the unlimited plan when you buy.

The amount you get from an exchange depends on the condition of your phone and which phone you buy (rate your phone at Verizon here).

Buying a Google Pixel 6 (starting at $ 23.33 per month) with an unlimited plan can save up to $ 700 on swap, while buying a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 (from $ 59.99 per month) can save up to $ 1000 – the maximum amount.

Buy All Verizon Phones

Additional $ 200 on unlimited data plans

If you buy certain Samsung, Motorola, or Google phones and add an unlimited data plan, you can cut another $ 200 from your phone bill every month. You can add that to your exchange cost and save up to $ 1200!

Verizon Unlimited plans start at $ 70 / month (down $ 10 / month with each additional line). The price includes unlimited talk, text and data, plus 6 months of Disney +, Discover +, Apple Arcade, Google Play Pass, and Apple Music to get started.

More advanced unlimited plans include hotspots, Huli, Disney + and ESPN, up to 12 other streaming add-ons and cloud storage.

To receive a $ 200 cashback on eligible phones, you will need to:

Here are some more ways to get Disney for free.

Refurbished Verizon Phones Deals

You can also pick up refurbished phones from Verizon for a fraction of the cost of buying new ones – in fact, some phones are even available for free in advance if you add a new line!

You can find all of Verizon’s updated offerings here.

We’ve compiled the best Black Friday deals in both the UK and the US separately. Also check out Walmart’s best Black Friday deals.

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