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Best UK Mid-range Telephone Deals for June 2021

If you’re in the market for a capable and affordable phone that looks nice and comfortable to use, then our rundown of the best mid-range phones of the moment is worth it.

A few years ago, Apple broke the £ 1,000 barrier for the flagship phone and since then, numerous competitors have followed suit. Fortunately, despite the high prices of high-end phones, people have shown that they don’t want to spend such large amounts of money, leading to a much more competitive mid-range space than ever before.

Add Chinese news and you have a mid-range market of capable smartphones sailing under the £ 600 mark, but still allowing you excellent design, performance and features, in various sizes.

Note that this list reflects our list of best mid-range phones, though with a few more tricks thrown around for color.

Best Mid-range Phone Deals

Mid-Range Phone Buying Tips

Mid-rangers are typically a mix of flagship flagships at competitive prices, more affordable members of the same product family as the company’s first device with reduced performance, or a dedicated device, designed to provide some premium functionality. (or features), without breaking the bank.

The decision of which one best suits your needs depends on a number of factors. If you want raw performance, a former flagship will be in a better place, but more likely to suffer more from gaining software support before less powerful but more recent dedicated mid-ranger compatriots.

Adjacent flagship phones try and offer the experience closest to the true first-class offering of a product line, but they will probably save on the processor and / or RAM available. While dedicated mid-rangers have no intention of excelling based on their price, except for one or two key areas, chosen by the manufacturer.

As always, buying from trusted phone manufacturers is always your way, even if it means paying a little more for a similar phone. The products of larger companies are generally held to higher quality standards and if something goes wrong, they will probably offer more robust customer support.

Should I wait until Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is officially ahead of schedule for 2021, with the event taking place from June 21-22.

Those who have participated in Prime Day in the past will know that the event is exclusive to Amazon prime subscribers (who also benefit from other benefits, such as faster delivery, unlimited cloud storage and access to streaming Amazon Prime Video).

Without any guarantee how long the deals currently listed here will last, or if this year’s Prime Day offer will give you better discounts, if you are attracted to a deal that is currently on offer, we suggest you don’t persevere too long.

Learn more in our guide Amazon Prime Day.

1. OnePlus Nord (12 GB RAM, 256 GB)

Now: £ 388.50 (£ 80.50 off)

OnePlus ’superb return to the mid-range market in 2020, the OnePlus North, is already a good example of value for money, but this discount on the higher RAM / storage SKU found on Amazon makes it a nice one. even better deal. (There is also currently a discount on the 8GB RAM model as well as other colors.)

2. OnePlus 8T (12 GB RAM, 256 GB)

Now: £ 549 (£ 100 off)

A significant reduction on the 12 GB RAM model of this full flagship OnePlus 8T is now available on Amazon. The OnePlus 9 may now be on the market but the 8T still gets our vote. See more from u best OnePlus 8T offers here.

3. Realme 7 5G (6 GB RAM, 128 GB)

Now: £ 249 (£ 30 off)

The Realme 7 5G is still pretty cool for the market, but that hasn’t stopped Realme from blessing it with a discount, making this well-specified 5G mid-ranger affordable even better value.

4. Oppo Find X2 Lite (8 GB RAM, 128 GB)

Now: £ 299 (£ 100 off)

The child of Oppo’s Find X2 line, the Find X2 Lite already offers performance and design at an attractive price, and it’s first to take into account the remarkable £ 100 reduction it currently enjoys on Amazon.

Note: The discount varies depending on the color, also check before you buy.

5. Oppo Reno 4 5G (8 GB RAM, 128 GB)

Now: £ 276.50 (£ 222.50 off)

There’s a significant reduction to around £ 220 available on the Oppo Reno 4 5G, which makes an already capable mid-ranger premium even more attractive.

6. Samsung Galaxy A71 (6 GB RAM, 128 GB)

Now: £ 324.49 (£ 94.51 off)

Samsung’s mid-range 2020 family is powered by the Galaxy A71, with its expansive display, more cameras and an eye-catching Prism finish. Now available with over £ 90 off the RRP, courtesy of Amazon.

7. Oppo Reno 4Z 5G (8 GB RAM, 128 GB)

Now: £ 239 (£ 90 discount)

Despite mid-range performance, the cheapest member of Oppo’s Reno 4 line – the Reno 4Z 5G capable of 5G – now comes at an affordable phone price, thanks to this £ 90 discount on Amazon.

8. Apple iPhone SE (3 GB RAM, 256 GB)

Now: £ 463.74 (£ 105.26 off)

The top Red Product Storage SKU from Apple’s best-selling stellar offering for 2020 – the upgraded iPhone SE – enjoys a £ 100 + Amazon discount, making it a solid choice in the middle. current Apple smartphone line.

Note: The discount varies depending on the color, check before you buy.

9. Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite (8 GB RAM, 128 GB)

Now: £ 458.79 (£ 120.21 discount)

Don’t be fooled by the name, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite is a 2020 phone, making the fact that this Amazon deal drops more than £ 120 off the most impressive asking price.

10. Samsung Galaxy A51 (4 GB RAM, 128 GB)

Now: £ 225.90 (£ 103.10 off)

The 4G flagship of Samsung’s capable mid-ranger Galaxy-A51 – one of the best-selling phones in the world by 2020 – gets a nice price reduction on Amazon.

11. Samsung Galaxy A41 (4 GB RAM, 64 GB)

Now: £ 239 (£ 30 off)

The modest Galaxy A41 still has a punch bag thanks to its 6.1-inch Super AMOLED display, triple camera setup and in-display fingerprint sensor. Available with an Amazon £ 30 discount ordered at the top.

If you want to know more about the current average phone market, check out ours best mid-range phones roundup or if all the tickets here still seem a little too expensive, take a look at ours Best phones on a budget roundup instead, where each deal features a phone that costs less than £ 250. We also have a general summary of the best technical deals in the uk now, worth checking out too.

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