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Best Samsung Galaxy phone of 2021

Samsung makes some of the best smartphones in the world, but knowing which one to choose is not an easy task.

Are you looking for the flagship experience offered by the Galaxy S line, the stylus-enabled Note line, or one of the foldable Z series devices? Maybe Samsung’s diverse (and cheaper) Galaxy A series has what you’re looking for?

The company has worked hard to make its phones stand out from the crowd, with a personalized user interface called One UI and additional apps and services like the Galaxy App Store and Themes Store. There are also unique camera modes, as well as features like AR Emoji, Game Booster, Bixby’s assistant, and a host of other features that you won’t find elsewhere.

Best Samsung Galaxy phones of 2021


Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra – Best overall

  • Pros: Rich camera experience | Excellent performance | Stunning screen | Good battery life
  • Minuses: Big and heavy | Expensive

After the disappointing 2020 Galaxy S20 Ultra, Samsung has finally earned a name with an add-on that provides almost everything you could want from an Android flagship; admittedly, at a price that only a few can afford, and in a form factor that will be too much for some.

The camera is unmatched – in terms of versatility – with a 108MP main shooter complemented by an ultra-wide and two telephoto lenses with different optical zoom levels (3x and 10x).

The large 6.8-inch screen offers high WQHD + resolution and an adaptive refresh rate of up to 120Hz, making it ideal for gaming, and with S-Pen support, it also fills the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra’s performance niche.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 – Best Price

Samsung Galaxy S21

  • Pros: Beautiful 120Hz display | Compact design | High performance
  • Minuses: Some downgrades compared to the S20 | Plastic assembly

A child of the 2021 Galaxy S lineup, the Galaxy S21 doesn’t go beyond any one area, but at the same time tackles the S20’s soft design with some new aesthetic and color choices.

What’s more, it also offers better battery life, and the new 5nm chipset at its core (Snapdragon 888 or Exynos 2100, whichever you get it) is undeniably powerful silicon, delivering great long-term phone performance and integrated 5G.

Add to that Android 11 (clad in Samsung’s own One UI 3.1) at launch and a lower starting price than even the 2020 Galaxy S20 4G version, and the S21 is a phone that’s hard to miss.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 – the best foldable

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G

  • Pros: Elegant folding design | Waterproof design | Available (for foldable)
  • Minuses: No telephoto lens | Average battery life | Still need to be tougher

Samsung took its revolutionary foldable Galaxy Z Flip, improved everything from design to performance – and then made it cheaper!

The Z Flip 3 is a beautiful expression of the evolution of foldable smartphone technology and somehow manages to incorporate water resistance into its design.

Battery life and dual cameras could be better, but despite flagship-grade performance in groundbreaking design, the Flip 3’s price tag also proves that foldable devices can dance in the same space as regular smartphones without any major sacrifices.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 – Best for Productivity

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

  • Pros: Great for multitasking | Waterproof design | Matched cameras
  • Minuses: Some applications require manual optimization | Grozny UDC | Bulky

There are many enhancements that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 beats its predecessor; with a cleaner, more durable design that somehow integrates water resistance, an enhanced feature set (including S Pen support), and a lower starting price.

While processing, gaming and camera performance may not be the best in the industry, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 focuses on making the foldable concept more accessible without any real sacrifice in any particular area.

What sets the Fold 3 apart in this fast-growing product category, however, is that creating possibilities for foldable form factors is difficult, and right now Samsung is the main driving force that makes it easier.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 + – great for multimedia

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

  • Pros: Beautiful 120Hz display | Versatile | High performance
  • Minuses: Less clear display compared to S21 | Charging slowly

It cannot be denied that the Samsung Galaxy S21 + is both an exceptional flagship and one of the most advanced phones of the year, but ironically it sits in the shadow of its smaller sibling, the standard Galaxy S21.

If you prefer the larger 6.7-inch display that the S21 + offers, you’ll also love its HDR10 + visuals and, most excitingly, its ultra-smooth 120Hz refresh rate. Performance is also top notch, which means it’s great for media viewing and gaming, there’s 5G onboard, and the 25W fast charge means you can recharge your phone’s 4800mAh battery in just over an hour.

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Samsung Galaxy A52 5G – the best mid-range

Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

  • Pros: Beautiful 120Hz display | Waterproof design | Decent camera with optical image stabilization
  • Minuses: Poor performance | Inconsistent Fingerprint Sensor | Best value for money elsewhere

The Galaxy A52 5G is a balanced, well-designed mid-range smartphone with several outstanding features such as a superb 120Hz Super AMOLED display, IP67 water resistance, 64MP leading camera with OIS, 3.5mm headphone jack and four years of security updates …

However, this is not ideal. Performance can and should be better for the money, the fingerprint sensor is oddly not up to par, and it’s not the classic Samsung design of all time. Competitors offer more for their money, even if they don’t have Samsung pedigree or customer support.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is a great option for productivity

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

  • Pros: Beautiful display | High performance | Built-in S Pen
  • Minuses: Exynos performance is weaker than Snapdragon | Bulky | Average battery life

The 2020 top model Samsung Note is still absolute power. Provided you are comfortable with its size and high asking price, there isn’t much this phone can do.

What’s more, Samsung has tackled the camera issues found in the Galaxy S20 Ultra by making the system on the Note 20 Ultra much more functional and competitive.

The S Pen has received several new remote gestures called Anywhere Actions, Samsung Notes is now much more powerful, and the phone display is one of the best in 2020.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 is a great all-rounder

Samsung Galaxy S20

  • Pros: Good display | High performance | Great user experience
  • Minuses: Shiny design | Average battery life | Better value elsewhere

The best model in the S20 series and simply the best Samsung phone of 2020. It’s compact, powerful, and contains a versatile camera system that may not have matched the S20 Ultra’s high level of zoom or detail, but still matched – and sometimes excelled – in every way. the rest of the board.

While battery life is a minor concern, it’s the only major issue. The Android ecosystem offers more for less elsewhere, but usually without Samsung’s level of prestige or sophistication, in which case we think it’s worth paying for.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE – great value

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

  • Pros: Beautiful 120Hz display | High performance | Excellent battery life
  • Minuses: “Glasstic” body | Medium cameras | Faster charger costs extra

The lower price point than the standard S20 comes with a move to a polycarbonate body, less RAM, a lower resolution display, and weaker cameras. However, the S20 FE still strikes an impressive balance of price and performance.

The large screen and large 4,500mAh battery mean it’s great for media browsing and gaming, and outside of the US it’s probably the only way to get your hands on a member of the S20 family with a Snapdragon processor.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is a great foldable

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

  • Pros: Innovative foldable design | High performance | Limited camera performance
  • Minuses: No waterproof | Dear | No 5G

The Galaxy Z Flip is not a perfect phone. Expensive, there are only two lenses of the main camera, and a fingerprint. sensor sucks.

Aside from the price, however, these are minor quibbles, and even though it may not be the best phone we’ve used in 2020, it’s still one of our favorites. With the Z Flip, Samsung has nailed a compact foldable form factor, and by comparison, all the other 2020 flagships feel clunky and oversized.

This phone looks great, offers great performance, flagship features and is just plain cool. The biggest problem it faces is that its successor – the Z Flip 3 – offers more for less.

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Tips for Buying a Samsung Galaxy Phone

The S21 line is the company’s latest major flagship lineup, consisting of the standard Galaxy S21, S21 + and the mighty S21 Ultra. That said, the Galaxy S20 phones remain good options at lower prices, and they’ve also been joined by the Galaxy S20 FE, which offers excellent value for money given the hardware used.

If you’re looking for a true source of performance then consider the Galaxy Note 20 series, which went on sale in August 2020. The standard Note 20 doesn’t seem like the best choice for your investment, but after reviewing the Note 20 Ultra, we can confirm it’s a beast; just make sure you are comfortable with its gigantic dimensions before investing in it.

Of course, if the Note 20 Ultra is as good as mustard and you can rock out at a high price, then the new Galaxy Z Fold 3 offers a more versatile foldable form factor, supports S Pen functionality, and offers a wide 7.6-inch screen. it’s made specifically for multitasking. However, if you like the idea of ​​a more compact foldable device, then the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is probably your best option on the market right now.

If all of this is too rich for your blood, then Samsung’s A series covers a range of devices from ultra-affordable to flagship; that being said, the Galaxy A51 was a special highlight of the past year (although the Galaxy A52 5G is among us now). The M-series are even cheaper, but they are rarely released in the West – with the exception of the shiny Galaxy M31, which we reviewed towards the end of 2020.

You can also browse our overall list of the best phones to see how competitors like the iPhone 13 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra compare to the best Samsung phones.

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