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Best Plans and Offers UK SIM Only for Kids by June 2021


So your child is finally ready for their first phone, leaving you wondering how to grow so fast – and what is the best SIM card deal for an eleven year old!

Whether you buy a SIM for a child or a teenager, the number of providers and plans to choose from can make the whole decision an intimidating task. In addition to pricing, there are a few things to think about before signing the dashed lines, such as parental controls, the use of social media, and discounts for the family – all of which will immerse you here and even more. .

So without further ado, here are the best deals for child-friendly SIMs, along with what to look for when buying a child-friendly SIM.

The best cheap SIM plans for kids with (some) data

If you’re looking for a low-budget to low-budget SIM, consider carriers as well iD Mobile, Tesco, Sky Mobile and Asda where you can find data plans for less than £ 10.

iD Mobile currently has a good rate in the UK for 2 GB of data for £ 6 a month. The plans last a month back and also include a rollover of data so that all unused data will be dragged into the next month. In addition, there is now a promotion in which new contracts are included five months of Apple Music, Arcade or News +.


GiffGaff is another provider that offers low-cost data plans, which it calls “goodybags”. Its cheapest goodybag starts at £ 6 a month for 500 MB, while its best value plan, called the “golden goodybag”, offers 9 GB of data for 10 GBP. There are also options for £ 8 for 3GB data, and £ 15 for 15GB data. GiffGaff also offers 1GB of extra data with selected plans. See other plans by Giffgaff.

Smarty logo

Smarty is another provider to consider. You can pick it up 30 GB of data for 10 GBP which offers better value than iD with three times more data, but is a bit more expensive. Smarty also has smaller data packets, and as ID, its plans last 30 days, giving you the flexibility to end the service whenever you want.

The best SIM plan only for kids for streaming and social media

There’s no doubt that your child will want to watch the content while it’s on their phones – a lot. Fortunately, some network providers add streaming services and social channels with their contract plans.

Logo O2

O2 plans include Disney + for six months, which is sure to keep your child happy. The best plan is 120GB for £ 20 per month on a 12-month plan.

Voxi soon


For a lower data limit, there is VoxiThe 12 GB to 12 GBP per month plan, although there are other options Voxi plans include unlimited access to social media apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Messenger. This does not include voice and video calls.

Best SIM Reimbursement Deals – Cheap data plans with high data allowance

Vodafone logo

If you don’t mind cashback, the best SIM deal for unlimited data now is with you Vodafone for £ 14.50 a month, available from You just have to claim every few months by sending your invoice to Mobiles through the online account. Here’s how:

SIM family plans and discounts

Don’t forget, if you’re already in O2 you may even qualify for the family discount even consolidating yours and your child’s bill into one. You can add up to 20 connections on a Family plan with O2 and get it up to 20% off from your fifth connection and onwards.

In fact, most major providers offer family plans to existing customers, so it’s worth checking to see if your current provider has any Family SIM treatment programs in place.

Vodafone for example, it offers up to 15% discounts for existing customers while EE offers 10% discounts for each additional line is a 1 GB data drive.

Parental controls on SIM

All major phone networks in the UK such as EE, O2, Three and Vodafone automatically block 18+ content – even if via data connection and no Wi-Fi.

If your child primarily uses Wi-Fi, you may need other parental controls in place. here we go how to enable parental controls on Android and also iPhone.

Also software like Qustodio and Net Nanny are some of the the best parental control software which filter out inappropriate content to keep your children safe online, while also offering tools to monitor and limit your children’s devices and net use.

Data limitation or not?

Most often SIM plans will automatically stop the service once it reaches the limit, or send you text messages when you have consumed an important part.

Parents, however, may also want to consider data or usage limitation features when purchasing a SIM for a child. You may be prompted to sign up for this option when you purchase the SIM from your network provider. This helps to limit loads that are out of contract such as press messaging, long distance calls or use of additional data.

You can choose to set a cap of £ 0, which means your child will not be allowed to spend extra outside the limits of the plan. Alternatively, you can set a budget beyond the base value of the plan if you want flexibility. This could be a useful safety net for your child if they need extra minutes or tests to get there. O2 for example, allows a head of spending up to £ 200.

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