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Best Mobile Wi-Fi Routers 2023: Mobile Hotspot Buying Guide

5. MyWebspot is the best mobile router to rent

Many of the options in this table are suitable for those who will regularly use a mobile Wi-Fi router, but MyWebspot is more suitable for those with a one-time requirement.

If you’re going on holiday abroad (perhaps outside of free roaming in Europe) and you have multiple devices to access the Internet, the service allows you to rent a hotspot to use up to five devices in over 100 countries.

Daily expenses are calculated depending on where you are going and for how long. They may seem high at first glance, but they are nothing compared to what your mobile carrier will charge you if you go over your data limit. It can also be very expensive to connect to the Wi-Fi provided by some resorts, which is often slow and limited in time.

Data is technically unlimited, but as soon as you exceed the allowed usage (1 GB per day in Europe, the US and Canada, 2 GB in Mexico, completely unlimited in Southeast Asia and 512 MB everywhere), the speed drops to almost unusable 256 kbps.

The setup couldn’t be easier. The device can be delivered directly to your resort (or home if you prefer), then you turn it on, wait for it to connect to your local 4G LTE network, and pick it up on your mobile device just like any other Wi-Fi network with using the SSID and password printed on the label on the back. On the way home, you drop it in the mailbox using a prepaid envelope.

MyWebspot claims download speeds up to 100Mbps and upload speeds up to 40Mbps. In our testing in Lake Garda, Italy, we recorded an average download speed of 33.5 Mbps and an upload speed of 26.8 Mbps. Naturally, these speeds will decrease as more devices are added.

You’ll get about eight hours of battery life from the Mi-Fi router, which comes with the right local charger for your holiday destination.

There’s no companion app, which means even technophobes will get along with MyWebspot, though it would be nice to have some way to monitor usage across multiple devices given the lack of an LCD screen.

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