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Best iPhone 13 Pro Max cases in 2023: thin, protective and more

Designed alongside the iPhone 13 Pro Max itself, Apple’s leather case is a solid, albeit slightly pricey option that some will appreciate.

The case, which is lined with microfiber to prevent scratches during use, feels good in the hand thanks to the soft-touch leather trim. It’s discreet with an almost invisible Apple logo imprinted on the back, and as it ages, the leather takes on a unique hue.

The case perfectly follows the curves of the iPhone, with volume and power buttons that feel just as nice to press as real ones, and of course it’s fully MagSafe compatible. It will protect your iPhone from scuffs and scratches – to the detriment of your skin – but a relatively thin case is unlikely to protect your iPhone from damage when dropped on a hard surface.

However, the luxurious finish of Apple’s leather case takes its rightful place in our ranking.

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