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Best BlackBerry phones of 2022

Once upon a time, the BlackBerry was the only smartphone that could be seen with. Currently, Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy devices are in the pockets of most people in the Western world.

Hardware keyboards, email, and a blinking red LED evoke memories of the mid-2000s, but these days, you’ll have a hard time finding an old-style BlackBerry for sale anywhere, let alone in someone else’s hands. by bus.

BlackBerry’s slow decline was largely attributed to the brand’s inability to adapt to the iPhone launch in 2007, so developers left the platform to build touchscreen apps for iOS and then Android, where BlackBerry eventually ended up. all the latest BlackBerry devices running on Google mobile devices.

In early 2020, TCL announced that it would no longer manufacture new BlackBerry phones, although it said it would continue to provide support (including customer service and warranties) for existing phones until August 31, 2022, while supporting BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry 10, and BlackBerry. The PlayBook operating system stopped working on January 4, 2022, causing older devices to become unusable.

However, BlackBerry is not dead. A Texas startup called OnwardMobility was subsequently licensed to manufacture BlackBerry-branded phones and promised at least one new BlackBerry (complete with a physical keyboard and 5G) in the near future; initially in the first half of 2021, then in a wider 2021 window, and now, despite any further developments from the company, it is expected to launch its debut device in 2022.

With all that in mind, while below is a rundown of the most viable BlackBerry devices you can buy right now – based on our reviews, you should really refrain from buying them unless it’s just with the intention of owning a piece of mobile history. …

Best BlackBerry phones for 2022

The Key2 has excellent build quality, thoughtful software, and a keyboard that will appeal to cleanliness lovers. But in the smartphone market, that doesn’t make it a viable choice for most people.

Typing on such a small physical keyboard is tricky, no matter what the enthusiast may say, and the form factor is harder to hold than the smaller BlackBerry Bolds from a decade ago.

Battery life is above average and it runs a lot faster than the KeyOne, but the BlackBerry Key2 is pretty much a phone for the select few who still need a keyboard – and no one else.

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BlackBerry Key2 LE

Key LE, as expected, is not as good as Key2. It’s noticeably slower and we missed a capacitive keyboard more than we thought.

But it’s much smaller, and it worked better when we turned off the BlackBerry Hub. If you don’t use your phone a lot and must have a physical keyboard, then this is the cheapest way to get into the game.

BlackBerry software is also safe and useful. You should consider the Key2 LE as an acceptable mid-range phone.

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BlackBerry KEYone

At launch, the KEYone was the best BlackBerry phone in years. He (finally) successfully combined the classic BlackBerry design with the necessary blend of Android and nostalgia without overdoing it.

However, if you love your iPhone or Samsung, you will hate the KEYone and shouldn’t even think about buying it.

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BlacKBerry DTEK60

At the time of launch, DTEK60 represented the first time in a long time a BlackBerry that we could recommend to the individual consumer. It’s also a business device, but Android’s flexibility means it’s versatile enough to fit the needs of both. It combines the Android operating system with robust, easy-to-use security features and an elegant design without breaking your money.

TCL’s subsequent relinquishment of its BlackBerry device license and lack of support promises after August 2022 make even this wonderful Berry hard to recommend in 2022.

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Blackberry motion

BlackBerry Motion is a device that is difficult to evaluate. It’s too big, and there’s nothing here to tempt the casual smartphone buyer other than its outstanding battery life. It is too austere and clumsy even compared to KeyOne; not to mention, it came at an overpriced price – a hangover from the premium looks at the BlackBerry name.

BlackBerry isn’t a cool brand, but Motion has a huge battery, headphone jack, and a processor that can almost handle what you want beyond high-end gaming. If KeyOne was a comeback, Motion is an almost reliable sequel, but there are other newer phones out there with better specs for half the price.

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