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Apple will reportedly use its own iPhone 5G modem from 2023

Apple is switching to its own 5G modems for its 2023 iPhone, according to fresh reports from Asia.

In accordance with Nikkei, Apple will turn to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) to produce the next generation 5G modem. Apple’s first proprietary 5G modem will use TSMC’s 4nm chip technology, but the chip will include Apple’s own RF, millimeter-wave, and power management components.

This latest piece of advice, said to come from “four people familiar with the matter,” confirms a recent report from Qualcomm that iPhone modem orders will drop to 20% in 2023.

Apple is reportedly making a concerted effort to reduce its reliance on Qualcomm (which is in the process of brand renewal), which currently dominates the 5G modem market. He makes all the modems for the current iPhone 13 line.

Apple bought Intel’s mobile modem business in 2019 to ditch Qualcomm’s modems, and settled a patent lawsuit with the company that same year.

TSMC currently manufactures all of Apple’s processors for the iPhone and Mac – the A-series and M-series, respectively – and hundreds of engineers are reportedly working at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters to help with the company’s chip development plan.

In addition to switching to TSMC’s 4nm process technology from the 2023 iPhone, Apple will reportedly switch to the manufacturer’s 3nm process technology for the iPad next year.

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