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Apple Upgrades Its Repair Loans To iPhone XR

Apple is upgrading its iPhone fleet, which it borrows for extended repair periods, from the iPhone 8 to the iPhone XR.

Starting November 4th, Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers will apparently start offering the iPhone XR as a loan when you send your device in for repair. The news came through one of Apple’s internal notes that I reviewed MacRumors

The memo mentions that this shift will occur in the US and “other select regions,” although it is unclear which regions this will entail.

This is a small but significant upgrade from the iPhone 8 that Apple’s repair technicians are currently sending you. The iPhone XR is a generational leap over this phone with the faster Apple A12 Bionic chip over the A11 in the iPhone 8.

What’s more, the iPhone XR represents a big step towards Apple’s more modern approach to design. It has the current Face ID notch in place of the old Touch ID button on the iPhone 8, as well as a corresponding bezel size reduction.

It also features a much larger 6.1-inch display, very similar to the iPhone 13, but without the new phone’s sharp resolution and AMOLED panel technology.

The single 12MP camera is very similar, if not identical, on both devices, although of course this increase in processing power brings its own photographic advantages.

Then it may be just a slight increase from last year, but you will soon have a much more familiar experience the next time you have to ship your iPhone for an extended visit to a repair shop.

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