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Apple tells developers it’s removing obsolete apps from the App Store: reports

According to reports, Apple is informing developers that it will start removing apps from its App Store that have not received updates for some time. The Cupertino-based company mentions on the App Store improvements page that it removes apps that no longer work properly or are out of date. The iPhone maker has given developers 30 days to submit the update for review, the report says. The list of applications mainly includes games that have not been updated for years. Development began a few days after Google announced it was removing legacy apps from the Google Play Store.

Judging by several tweets from the developers, spotted According to The Verge, Apple has sent an “App Improvement Notice” to developers, stating that their apps have not been “updated for a significant period of time and should be removed from sale after 30 days.” The company has asked the developers to keep this app available for download by users after they submit an update for review within 30 days.

One developer says Apple’s move to remove legacy apps is unfair. He says the company has threatened to remove his “full-featured” Motivoto game because it hasn’t been updated since March 2019. The report also cited Costa Eleftheriou, developer of the FlickType keyboard for the Apple Watch, who said Apple removed one of his apps because it hadn’t been updated in about two years. He indicates that that the Pocket God app is still available despite having received its last update in 2015.

According to App Store improvements pageApple is “implementing a continuous app evaluation process, removing apps that no longer work properly, don’t follow current review guidelines, or are out of date.” It should be noted that Apple says the removed app will remain fully functional for current users.

The news comes weeks after Google said it would restrict discovery and installation of apps that “do not target the API layer within two years of the release of the latest major version of Android,” effective November 1, 2022. is part of improving the security of applications throughout the ecosystem. “Expanding our target-level API requirements will protect users from installing older apps that may not have such protection,” Google said in a statement. Blog post.

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