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Apple Supplier Foxconn Received Direction From Tamil Nadu State To Renovate Major Infrastructure Following Protest

The Tamil Nadu government said Saturday that electronic parts maker Foxconn will begin operations at its facility in neighboring Sriperumbudur, and has been encouraged to improve the basic infrastructure provided to employees. The government’s comments came after employees resorted to protests last week, as food poisoning affected more than 100 of them after eating at a facility allegedly operated by their firm.

V official release The Tamil Nadu government said on Saturday that a meeting was held that was attended by senior government officials, including Labor Commissioner Atul Anand, Chief Secretary of the Industry Department S. Krishnan, Additional Director General of Police – Law Enforcement, Tamaraikannan and Foxconn Group representatives.

During the meeting, the Taiwanese firm was advised to improve the basic infrastructure provided to employees, including appropriate living quarters and toilets.

“Dormitories provided to employees must have a quality certificate issued by the Collector, and food must be prepared at the place of residence of employees and served on time,” it was reported.

The government also ordered that those employees who apply for leave should be provided immediately, and the company should use the services of staffing agencies in such cases.

The report said Foxconn officials have given assurances that they will follow the instructions as directed by the government.

“The officials also assured that they will provide quality food to more than 15,000 employees, and added that they will soon begin production at the enterprise,” the statement said.

“The plant will be expanded and new jobs will be created,” the statement said, citing Foxconn officials.

Meanwhile, the government said the State Corporation for the Promotion of Industry of Tamil Nadu (SIPCOT) is building dormitories to accommodate 18,750 people at a cost of Rs 570 crore at Vallam Wadagal in Sriperumbudur.

The 11-story 20-acre building is expected to be completed in 15 months, the report said.

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