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Apple MagSafe Battery Review


Once the price rises above the price, the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack is a powerful device that wins with its deep iOS integration. This is a handy accessory for those with an iPhone 12 Mini or iPhone 12, but hardly a must.


  • Small and compact
  • Works as a 15W wireless charger
  • Does a great job
  • Deep integration with iOS


  • Doesn’t fully charge any iPhone 12 model
  • It is very expensive
  • 5w is pretty slow


  • Great BritainListed Price: £ 99
  • USARRP: 99 $
  • EuropeRRP: 109 €
  • CanadaListed Price: CAD 119
  • AustraliaListed Price: AU $ 139

Key feature

  • MagSafeMagnets to keep it in place and securely

  • Works with iPhoneDesigned for iPhone 12 series, but works with other Qi devices.

Like many of Apple’s own iPhone accessories, the MagSafe battery has generated quite a bit of buzz since its hidden release.

Common calls for overpricing, lack of features, and more are easy to spot in any charger online discussion. However, after spending some time with him, it becomes clear that he is doing his task very well.

This is arguably the most useful MagSafe-branded accessory I’ve used since the technology morphed into the iPhone’s magnet system along with the iPhone 12.

  • Available in white only
  • One Lightning port
  • Soft finish

The MagSafe battery is small, simple, and straightforward. Apple… There are no buttons anywhere, just a Lightning port and an LED that shows when it’s charging or charging.

It is nearly as wide as the iPhone 12 Mini in size. It’s small enough to fit in a pocket next to your phone (11m thick) and very lightweight (113g).

MagSafe Battery on iPhone 12
Battery on iPhone 12 Pro Max

There is one color option – white, with a gray back. I see it gets dirty over time, especially if you keep it in jeans, so it would be nice to have a darker shade.

The outer shell is made of soft-touch plastic with a nice grippy texture, while the back has a rubberized gasket to keep it firmly in place on the phone. Everything is very simple and stylish.


There were some concerns about how strong the magnets are in these MagSafe accessories. The wallet, for example, has received some criticism for popping out too easily. I have found that the connection between the battery and the phone is reliable, even more so if you have a case.

There is a slight wobble at the bottom and it will drop if you really shake the phone, but you probably shouldn’t shake the phone at all.

  • Works with iPhone 12 models (and upcoming MagSafe devices)
  • Can’t fully charge any of these models
  • Great for small replenishments

The MagSafe battery is not intended to be used as a charger to multiply the charge on your iPhone 12.

It doesn’t compete with those hefty packages from Anker that can keep your phone up and running on a Glastonbury weekend or camping trip.

On the contrary, it is more for those situations when you are running to the last receiver, and your phone is close to red, or waiting for someone to call, and you are away from the socket.


This goal is evidenced by both the size of the unit itself and, in turn, the rather small battery with a capacity of 1460 mAh. I tested this on all three iPhone 12 sizes (12 Mini, 12 and 12 Pro Max) and none of them were able to fully charge.

On the iPhone 12 Mini, it took 78% of a fully discharged device; iPhone 12 – 60% and iPhone 12 Pro Max – 49%. Of course, these numbers may differ, but this is a handy guide.

Interestingly, the first time you connect the add-on to your phone, you will see a pop-up saying that it will not try to charge your phone above 90%. This makes sense as it takes a lot of energy to fill that last 10%, and Apple clearly feels the efficiency tradeoff isn’t worth it. If you disagree and want to promote it, there is an option in the Control Center to ignore this limitation.


When you attach the magnetic battery to the back of your phone, it will charge up to 5W. It is quite slow, but the same speed is provided by the Anker 5K. 5W is about the same as the old connectors that came with iPhones prior to the 11th series, and that’s really really slow if you’re used to something faster. For example, the MagSafe battery took 120 minutes to charge the 12 Pro Max until it was dead.

The MagSafe battery can also be used as a 15W portable wireless charger. This works when the battery is connected to the fast USB-C connector. Since MagSafe is backward compatible with Qi, it will charge other phones and accessories such as AirPods Pro, but always with a maximum power of 5W. I connected the Pixel 5 and it charged great.


When the MagSafe battery is depleted, there are several ways to recharge it. You can plug the Lightning cable into the bottom and charge from there, or you can attach it to the back of the iPhone 12 series and connect the cable to the iPhone. It will then intelligently charge your phone and battery.

The most unique charging method is when you connect the battery to the iPhone and then connect the cable to the battery itself. Reverse wireless charging is then used to charge both devices. This is another area where the MagSafe battery stands out. Other similar packages I’ve tried require charging separately from the phone, but due to Apple’s control over the ecosystem, you can charge both with a single cable. It’s worth noting that you don’t get a battery cable, so you’ll need a cable from your iPhone.

However, you cannot use this to charge other devices with a cable. This is the limit that Lightning cannot charge in both directions. If you want to share this power with a friend, you have to hope that he has a Qi-enabled phone.


There is also deep integration with other parts of iOS 14.7. You will receive a popup every time you attach a charge update package, and it will also show up in the handy iOS battery widget. If you’ve ever used previous iPhone battery cases, then you’ll be familiar with them as they are not available in third-party products. It’s a shame Apple doesn’t allow accessory manufacturers to access these parts of the OS.

Should you buy this?

Your iPhone 12 needs extra juice: It’s a small, compact add-on that gives you an extra cost when you need it most. It also boasts great iOS integration.

You need a huge capacity: This will not allow any of the iPhone 12 models to fully charge, and it’s actually not very good if you want to go from 0% to 100%. There are better options for this purpose.

Final thoughts

It can’t be avoided – this is an expensive £ 99 / $ 99 add-on. But for many, it’s worth it. If you have an iPhone 12 Mini or iPhone 12, then extra juice is welcome, and deep integration makes it much better to use than the competition. It can also be used as a very fast wired charger for the iPhone 12 series.

The MagSafe battery has been tested for several days with the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.


Does this work with Android phones?

Although MagSafe is only for iPhone, it can charge Qi-enabled Android phone.

How fast does it charge?

As a battery, it can charge up to 5W.

Need the latest version of iOS?

You will need iOS 14.7 at least to get all the functionality.

Jargon destroyer


Abbreviation for milliampere-hour and a way to denote the capacity of batteries, especially small ones in phones. In most cases, the larger the mAh, the longer the battery will last, but this is not always the case.

Qi wireless charging

The most common wireless charging format supported by most devices. Charging speed is highly dependent on the phone.

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