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Apple MagSafe Battery Pack: All the important details


Apple has finally unveiled its MagSafe Battery Pack for iPhone – and it seems to be the best use of the technology. That’s all we know so far.

Apple has resurrected the MagSafe brand once associated with its MacBook line alongside the launch of the iPhone 12 series, however the technology has been used sparingly ever since.

Now Apple has launched a wireless battery, similar to a Anker 5K, which will use magnetic charging technology to charge your phone.

The MagSafe Battery Pack is a simple-looking rectangle that will hang over the bottom of the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max is iPhone 12 Mini. It won’t work well with old iPhones.

it comes in a unique white color that can get dirty quite easily, especially if it’s something like Apple’s silicone cases. It would be nice to get a few other colors that correspond to the available options of the iPhone 12.

The MagSafe Battery Pack will charge your phone at 5w. Other MagSafe products can charge up to 15w, however this has been lowered here to avoid any worries about heat.

When you have the battery at the bottom of an iPhone 12 model and inserted it with a 27w plug or faster then you can recharge the iPhone to 15w. This makes it a good portable wireless charging solution.


You will also be able to recharge the battery pack when it is attached to a connected iPhone with a reverse wireless charging. According to Apple, your phone will charge to 80% before the MagSafe Battery Pack starts charging.

Apple MagSafe battery

Apple has been very concerned about how much extra juice you can get from this 1460mAh battery.

It’s far from enough to provide a full charge for any current iPhone 12 model, so it’s more likely that this will be useful for additional recharging when you’re on the go.

To check the charge levels of the case you can use the useful battery widget already available in iOS.

The MagSafe Battery Pack appears to be available from July 22, at least in the UK, and will sell for £ 99 / $ 99. It can now be ordered from Apple’s online store.

Since Apple introduced MagSafe this is the add-on I wanted the most. A magnetic charger that sits on the back and allows me to charge the phone even a little when it’s in my pocket. While this probably won’t appeal to Pro Max owners as that phone already has a good battery life, it could be very useful for those who own an iPhone 12 Mini. £ 99 feels steep, but an accessory like this from Apple has never been a good deal, has it?

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