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Apple Introduces Crash Detection System to iPhone and Apple Watch; 911 will be dialed automatically: Report

Apple is reportedly working on a new iPhone and Apple Watch feature that detects if you’re in a car accident and dials 911 automatically.

Current plan roll out such a feature next year.

The Google Personal Safety app on Pixel phones already includes a call for help when detecting car accidents, just like connected car services in modern vehicles, including GM OnStar, Subaru Starlink and Fiat Chrysler Uconnect.

Many cars on the roads today don’t come with any connectivity features, so crash detection on iPhone also means more drivers can get the crash help they need if it’s in their pocket or installed on the dashboard.

According to Apple, the rise in unsafe smartphone use in cars has given way to integration systems such as CarPlay and Android Auto, the first of which will appear in nearly 80% of new cars in 2020.

Embedding new iPhone crash detection along with CarPlay could support Apple’s rumored IronHeart project to connect a phone to car settings in the same way HomeKit controls smart speakers and lights. Targeting the $ 2 billion (roughly Rs 14,915) annual revenue stream that GM brings with built-in OnStar would be the perfect fit for Apple.

While Apple’s crash detection hasn’t always worked as expected in the past, the company has had many years to collect data and analytics on aspiring iOS and watchOS users. It remains to be seen how accurately Apple will be able to detect car accidents, let alone falling people.

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