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Apple has awarded $ 410 million more than its Advanced Manufacturing Fund to II-VI

II-VI is part of Apple’s Clean Energy Program, which was created to advance the use of renewable energy throughout the company’s supply chain, and already uses 100% of its energy. renewable throughout its Apple manufacturing in the United States.

Apple’s expanded partnership with II-VI is part of the company’s plans to invest $ 430 billion and add 20,000 new jobs in the United States over the next five years. Apple’s contributions include working with more than 9,000 suppliers nationwide that support the creation of U.S. jobs in dozens of sectors, including silicon engineering, 5G and manufacturing.

To support world-class innovation and highly skilled manufacturing jobs across the United States, Apple established its Advanced Manufacturing Fund in 2017. The $ 5 billion fund has supported a number of projects to date, including $ 450 million in prizes went to Corning Incorporated in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, which led to the creation of Ceramic Shield, a new material that is harder than any other smartphone glass.

Apple supports 2.7 million jobs in all 50 states through direct employment, spending with U.S. suppliers and manufacturers, and the iOS app economy.

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