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Apple fined $19 million for not including charging adapters with iPhone

A civil court in Sao Paulo ordered Apple to pay a $19 million fine for selling an iPhone without a charger in the box.

According to sources, the Brazilian Consumer Association has initiated a lawsuit against Apple, alleging that the company engaged in “abusive behavior” by not putting the charger in the package. Judge Karamuru Afonso Francisco agreed with this assessment, concluding that Apple “needs customers to purchase a second product for the first product to work.”

Apple’s decision to stop supplying the charger for the new iPhones is part of an effort to reduce the amount of e-waste (as well as packaging waste) generated worldwide. Since many customers already have a compatible charger compatible with their new smartphone, including one charger with each device is an unnecessary and wasteful practice. Reuters reported that Apple intends to appeal the verdict, which should come as no surprise.

This is not the first time that Apple has been penalized in Brazil for not providing a charger for its mobile devices when they are sold there. Because the iPhone 12 did not come with a charger, Apple was fined $2 million last March. Most recently, Brazil’s Ministry of Justice issued an order obliging Apple to stop selling iPhones nationwide without the included chargers. The ministry claims that in this way the business provides customers with an unfinished product.

By 2024, the European Union will require all mobile devices, including phones, tablets and cameras, to charge via USB-C.
One might wonder why Apple doesn’t just flip this and start packaging a separate charger, but provide a discount on the price if the consumer prefers not to have one. It would seem that this is the most logical course of action. So this will continue to incentivize Brazilian customers to create less e-waste, which will be a step in the right direction by avoiding additional lawsuits.


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