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Apple fights low iPhone demand

Apple is reportedly revising iPhone production orders due to declining demand.

We’ve reported quite a bit about Apple’s fight against the current global chip shortage. We wrote that the company couldn’t produce enough iPhone 13s, that it had to cut its iPad production in half to support iPhone production, and the like.

If Bloomberg Believe it or not, Apple didn’t have to worry so much about the supply side of the equation. It should be part of the demand.

Apparently, Apple faced a shortage of 10 million units from its original target of 90 million units due to lack of parts, but hoped to make up those numbers next year. However, as it turns out, the company does not believe these additional orders will be required and has already communicated this to suppliers.

Even though Apple is said to be heading for a grand Christmas with a 6% increase in sales in the last quarter of the year, it will still be a disappointment for the company.

With a new strain of Covid-19 raising concerns and strong inflation, it seems that shoppers won’t be in that mood this holiday season. In such an environment, the shiny new iPhone 13 may not be up to par.

It’s a shame, because this year’s harvest is excellent. The iPhone 13 delivers a surprisingly significant leap in camera quality and battery life, while the iPhone 13 Pro is the first iPhone worthy of the ‘Pro’ title.

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