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Apple Entrepreneur Camp participants break down barriers in their coding journeys

By the time Lab ShapeShifter founder and former jazz musician Matt Garrison first dreamed of a completely new digital music experience, in collaboration, he contacted friends and fellow musicians who could code. Their time was limited since they were focused on their own projects, but Garrison persisted. I knew it was essential for him to understand the basics of programming to start developing his app.

“I said, taught me to code, and built it myself,” Garrison says. “It just shows me how it’s done. Because I think, as an artist today, when you’re faced with a challenge in technology, you’re going to break and push.”

Working initially on Objective-C and later on Swift, Garrison and his team collaborated on an app called TuneBend, a new way for musicians to get together, record, and eventually sell their music in an entrepreneurial ecosystem. musical. TuneBend combines Garrison’s passions for music, technology and entrepreneurship; Garrison runs his own business, ShapeShifter Lab, a music venue and entertainment space in Brooklyn, New York.

“I’ve always been fascinated by computers and technology,” Garrison says. “Now I understand how you get into them to really develop a digital plot for the ways music is presented. I think we’re one of the few places of music that actually builds code on site.”

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