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Apple discounts Android phones for trade

Apple has reduced the cost of an entire series of Android phones as part of its trade-in program – in some cases by a significant amount.

Customers looking to trade in their Android phones for a new iPhone may not get the same value as before. MacRumors noticed that Apple has changed its suggested maximum prices for a number of devices on its official website. US website.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Samsung’s archrival took the biggest hit here. The top price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 has dropped from $385 to $285, and the top price of the Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G has dropped from $435 to $325.

Apple’s other great competitor, Google, has not escaped the wrath of Apple’s value police. The Google Pixel 5 has dropped from $315 to $235, while the Google Pixel 4a has dropped from $160 to $120.

Lest you start to suspect that Apple is being vindictive with these price adjustments, it’s worth noting that each of these phones has been replaced, and older Android phones traditionally don’t retain their value like older iPhones. In particular, Samsung’s Samsung Galaxy S22 line is just around the corner.

It is also worth noting that Apple has reduced the cost of some of its devices (not the iPhone).

Bog’s standard iPad price now peaks at $200 (up from $205), which isn’t that much. However, on the opposite end of the scale, the value of the MacBook Pro that the company trades in now flattens out at $1,415 instead of $1,630 as it used to.

More broadly, Apple is known to have suffered from the ongoing manufacturing and component issues that have plagued the tech industry. Perhaps in this regard, the company is revising some of its programs.

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