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Apple awarded Corning $ 45 million from its Advanced Manufacturing Fund

With the support of Apple’s Advanced Manufacturing Fund, experts from the two companies have worked together to develop a new glass ceramic, which gets its strength from nanoceramic crystals, produced at the Corning plant in Harrodsburg, Kentucky, in structure where every generation of iPhone glass has been made.

The new material was activated by a high-temperature crystallization layer that forms nanocrystals in the glass matrix. Those specialized crystals are kept small enough that the material is transparent. The resulting material constitutes the revolutionary Ceramic Shield, which Apple used to model the new front cover featured on the iPhone in the iPhone 12 line. Prior to the Ceramic Shield, inlaid crystals have traditionally influenced the transparency of the material. , a crucial factor for the front cover of the iPhone because so many features, including the display, camera and sensors for Face ID, require optical clarity to function.

“We are incredibly proud of our collaboration with Apple in Ceramic Shield, made possible in part through the Advanced Manufacturing Fund and the hard work and dedication of hundreds of individuals at Corning and Apple,” said Wendell P. Weeks, President of Corning is the official general manager. “We thank Apple for our long product development partnership and for its continued commitment to supporting the American workforce. The deep investment they have provided for the new manufacturing technology in our Harrodsburg, Kentucky facility will not fail.” it not only nurtures life-changing innovation, but also helps sustain the vital communities in which we live and work – a key goal for our businesses.Together, we develop a world-class workforce by engaging them in new technologies. , and creating opportunities for learning and training ”.

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