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Android 12 is available now – here’s where you can download it now

Google announced that Android 12 is now available for download on select Pixel devices.

Google finally officially announced the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro today, and there have been many interesting updates, including the new Android 12 operating system.

Google has clearly grown to love Android 12, and the company claims to be the most personalized OS as it offers redesigned widgets that are more dynamic, as well as a heavy emphasis on customization.

That said, anyone who doesn’t want to buy a new phone yet will be very happy to know that the latest OS can be installed on older Pixel phones, specifically the Pixel 3 and up.

So anyone with an older Pixel phone can look forward to all the new updates coming, including a new indicator that tells you when your microphone or camera is on, with a new option to mute your camera or microphone with a drop-down menu in quick settings.

Plus, Android 12 puts privacy in the spotlight as you can check your own privacy permissions right away, which means you have a clear idea of ​​when apps have been accessing your location, microphone, or camera over the past 24 hours.

And now the new update makes your phone more accessible, as the window magnifier means you can magnify a portion of the screen while keeping the rest of what you were looking for for context.

Plus, your phone automatically turns on dim lighting when you’re in low light conditions, making it easy to sassy night scrolling in bed.

So anyone with the correct phone listed should check out the latest OS update, and anyone who wants to know how we feel about this change can check out the Pixel 6 review by clicking on the link earlier.

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