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Android 10 is still more popular than Android 11

According to recently released data, Android 10 continues to outperform Android 11 in terms of installs.

For those eagerly awaiting news of the release of Android 12 for their phone of choice, there is no need to be told about the sluggishness of Android updates. But this last piece of information shows how much work remains to be done.

According to the official info provided by Google via Android Studio (via 9to5Google), Android 11 is not the most common version of the world’s most popular mobile OS. It turns out that technically outdated Android 11 is installed on only 24.2% of all devices, while obviously outdated Android 10 is installed on 26.5% of all devices.

Android 12 isn’t even included in these statistics yet. Considering that it only started to unfold a month ago, this is understandable.

It’s also worth noting that the number (18.2%) of Android 9 Pie devices still exists, while Android 8 Oreo accounts for a sizable 13.7%. These versions of the operating system are three and four years old, respectively.

Just for comparison, Mixpanel shows that iOS 15 is currently installed on about 46% of all iPhones less than three months after its release. What’s more, the adoption of Apple’s latest mobile OS has been sluggish compared to previous versions.

The big difference here is, of course, in the more open nature of Android. The vast majority of Android manufacturers will take the base Android package and modify its user interface, so Google can’t just update every phone running its OS the way Apple can.

The Android ecosystem also has a lot more hardware variation, making it much more time consuming to test new software.

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