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All about the new Galaxy Awesome range: inspired by flagship models, just for you

Samsung recently announced a new Galaxy A lineup in India consisting of five smartphones to be launched in seven cities. The new models are the Samsung Galaxy A73 5G, Galaxy A53 5G, Galaxy A23, Galaxy A13 and Galaxy A33 5G. The new Galaxy A-series range features a stylish and durable design, new colors and flagship features. As smartphone prices have skyrocketed, Samsung has launched all A-series phones with varying prices ranging from affordable, mid-range and affordable flagships.

The lineup of these smartphones tends to democratize flagship features, and Samsung has strived to provide all the technologies that users want to use in their smartphones. And this is where excellence comes in when innovation meets value to create the most important customer experience.

Now let’s briefly discuss the key features that attractive devices include:

Flagship camera sensor and modes so you can take beautiful pictures

To enhance your social media game, Galaxy A series smartphones are now equipped with a flagship-level 108MP main camera that supports features such as optical image stabilization (OIS), object erasing, AI Photo Remaster and portrait mode.

Samsung has incorporated OIS technology into the camera lens, so you can take clear and crisp photos even in low light conditions. Without OIS, image quality may be blurry in low light. This feature also helps handheld shooting by reducing image blur in the event of any shake. There are, of course, other important tools that you should know that have been featured in Galaxy A series smartphones, Object Eraser and Photo Remastering.

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Let’s say your cousin took a good selfie of you and you want to delete it. That’s where the Object Eraser feature of Samsung Galaxy A series smartphones comes in. This feature makes it easy to remove any unwanted person or object from a photo as if it never existed. Another interesting camera mode worth knowing about is Photo Remastering, which improves the quality of images in seconds. You can easily improve the quality of photos taken in the past with your favorite phones.

All of these camera modes allow you to capture and edit top-notch photos and videos without having to download any third-party apps.

120Hz Super AMOLED display and all-new body design and colors for a flagship experience
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Yes, the new Samsung Galaxy A series now features a 120Hz Super AMOLED display. This immersive display makes the A-series smartphones the perfect choice for anyone totally addicted to media, graphics-intensive gaming, or both, as it delivers an exceptional viewing experience.

All Galaxy A series smartphones released in 2022 feature a striking new visual design and colors that will make them stand out from other smartphones on the market. The slim and light design will take your smartphone to the next level as it fits easily in your hands and pockets. Whether it’s handheld photo/video shooting or long hours of gaming, the A-series smartphones have been designed to be effortless to use without feeling the weight of the devices. The devices come in several attractive colors such as peach, blue, black and white. Choose any you want and get the flagship smartphone in your hands!

Stereo speakers with virtual surround sound for gamers and movie lovers
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All previous Galaxy A series smartphones have received good reviews from users for their speaker performance. And the new Galaxy A series seems to continue this trend by providing stereo speakers for virtual surround sound. These stereo speakers deliver clear sound and extra bass so you can watch movies and listen to music in the best possible quality. If you love playing games or watching content, then the Galaxy A line has the phone for you.

RAM Plus to make your devices feel like new every day

Most Android smartphones can’t run smoothly after a while. Blaming this on the growing size of apps and their need for RAM, or on smartphone manufacturers, will not alleviate the hardship the user faces. Whether it’s multitasking, playing games or using heavy applications, everything becomes a nightmare for the user. However, with the RAM Plus feature in the new line of Galaxy A series smartphones, you can easily multitask on the go and your smartphones will never stop working without lag. With RAM Plus enabled, you can easily upgrade your devices’ original RAM up to 16GB. And that much RAM, dear users, can handle whatever you throw at it.

Functional OS updates for up to four years
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To keep your smartphone up to date with all the new features coming in the future, Samsung has promised to provide OS updates for four years. Yes, you read that right, four years of OS updates. These updates will bring new features to your device and fix possible bugs and security holes that will improve the overall performance of your smartphone. The latest OS updates will make the user experience more convenient for anyone who buys a smartphone from Samsung’s Galaxy Awesome line.

Security and privacy features to make you worry less and live more
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The latest Galaxy A-series smartphones deliver the top-notch security you need today with the defense-grade Samsung Knox security platform.

Knox Security protects your personal data in real time with features like Alt Z, allowing you to make your information private with the click of a button. So now you can hide your games from your annoying cousin who is always watching your phone.

Knox Security also includes a privacy panel that lets you control the information you share with apps that get a little too creepy at times. In this era of fraud, such security and privacy features are a definite bonus.

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