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According to the patent, Samsung may be working on a dual camera system under the display to improve facial recognition

It appears that Samsung is working on an under-display dual camera (UDC) technology that will help it improve its facial recognition technology for the face unlock feature, according to a patent filed by the South Korean company. This setup may include a way to scan the subject’s face from multiple angles at the same time, thus creating a 3D/stereoscopic scan to unlock the phone. The company uses a 4-megapixel UDC in the Galaxy Z Fold 4, and it is located on a folding screen.

In accordance with patentwhich was filed in March 2021 and published this week, spotted Galaxy Club, Samsung is working on a “method, device, and storage medium for user authentication.” It looks like the company is creating dual UDCs that will scan the user’s face from different angles to unlock the phone.

“According to various embodiments, the electronic device is a memory, a display, multiple cameras located at the bottom of the display, and at least one processor operatively associated with the memory, and the display and multiple cameras are turned on,” Samsung reads the patent. The device receives multiple images about the user, which can then be “configured to perform user authentication” based on the resulting image.

Galaxy Club says that taking multiple scans from different cameras can provide a more accurate picture. Since the cameras scan the face from different angles, the user’s face can be captured with greater depth, which is theoretically less likely to deceive compared to a more two-dimensional image. Both of them can combine and make all facial recognition more secure.

It should be noted that only the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 currently comes with a UDC camera. The 4MP camera isn’t that high quality, and we wrote in our review that it shouldn’t be the choice for selfies. Apple has already adopted FaceID technology and relies on face unlock as the only biometric way to unlock a phone or tablet.

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