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£ 599 Pixel 6 could be the phone deal of the year

OPINION: After months of hype, numerous leaks and a long wait, Google has finally announced the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

While the Pixel 6 is touted as Google’s return to the flagship space, it actually starts at the same £ 599 price tag as the much more modest Pixel 5. In the US, it’s $ 100 cheaper at $ 599. On paper, this makes it a very good deal.

I did not use the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro for long, but not long enough to form my final judgment. So, for now, I’m just talking about what’s inside Google’s new device, and I must say it looks impressive.

The £ 599 makes it cheaper than the iPhone 13 mini, and much lower than the iPhone 13 and Samsung Galaxy S21. Instead, it is closer to the Asus Zenfone 8 and OnePlus 9.

While these are two great phones, the Pixel 6 can outperform them in one key area: the camera.

For the first time in years, Google is giving us a new Pixel phone with a completely new camera system. The updated main wide-angle sensor now has a resolution of 50 MP, with larger pixels and the ability to transmit about 150% more light. This is then combined with the usual set of computing skills, most of which have been enhanced by using Google’s own Tensor chipset.

New camera software features include Magic Eraser, which can remove unwanted parts from photos, such as the pesky photo bomber, while all the hard work is done using Tensor’s artificial intelligence. There’s also a great night mode, another feature that should significantly improve the new main sensor.

This new camera sensor, coupled with the potential of the Tensor chipset, presents an appetizing prospect, especially when you consider what previous Pixel phones did with much more modest camera hardware.

But it’s not just the camera, the Pixel 6 has a good spec list elsewhere as well. Features like IP68 water resistance and Qi wireless charging are often overlooked at this price, but are included with the Pixel 6.

However, much is still unknown. I need more time to see how the Google Tensor chipset performs with the higher-end Qualcomm chips, many of which are available on phones at this price point. Battery life is of course vital too, and while the 4,600mAh battery is large, a lot depends on how well the chipset is optimized.

Above the Pixel 6 is the Pixel 6 Pro, a slightly more refined version with a cooler 120Hz LTPO display. additional zoom camera and more RAM. Priced at £ 849 / $ 899, it also looks like a decent option when compared to some of the other top phones that cost over £ 1000 / $ 1000.

But in fact, at £ 599, the Pixel 6 already seems like a very tempting prospect from Google, and it could be the first Pixel to really get massive success.

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