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£ 50 off + Nintendo Switch

Samsung has officially released its latest range of A-series touchscreen phones in the world A52, A52 5G and A72, after their Galaxy Awesome Unpacked event on March 17th. Of the three phones, the A52 5G is the only phone to launch in the UK. You can buy it now from Samsung and a number of other retailers and networks (see below).

The Galaxy A51 was Samsung’s most popular phone last year, so it’s no surprise that Samsung has made things bigger with the A52. Read more about the launch here, or if you don’t mind sitting down for the entire show, you can watch him come back here.

Despite a asking price of less than £ 500, the A52 5G packs a 120Hz refresh rate on a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display – all powered by a 4,500mAh battery that Samsung promises will last two days, thanks to “savings of adaptive energy “. This battery saving feature intuitively measures how much power is burned through the day according to your usage habits. See our full review of the Galaxy A52 5G

The phone’s “Fun Mode” (developed with Snapchat) also integrates AR lenses directly into the camera, which leads with a 64Mp sensor at the bottom. Check out the full spec sheet for the A52 5G in this useful explanation.

Here, we look at how much the A52 5G costs and where you can buy it with contract and without a SIM, with some of the best deals around including Samsung’s £ 50 refund offer (more on that below).

How much does the A52 5G cost?

The A52 5G is available with 6 GB RAM:

  • 6 GB RAM / 128 GB – £ 399
  • 6 GB RAM / 256 GB – £ 419 – Not available yet

Samsung has indicated that it will release a 256GB storage configuration, but only the 128GB option seems to have hit the market. We will update this article if it changes.

You can also add up to 1TB more with it a microSD. The phones will be available in four colors: black, purple, white and blue in a “soft mist” finish.

Best deals Galaxy A52 5G without SIM – Get £ 50 cashback

You can buy the Galaxy A52 directly from Samsung. Last month, Samsung offered £ 50 off the price of the device, while the deal is now over, customers can also claim a £ 50 refund for purchases of Galaxy A52 5G.

You just need to buy the phone directly from Samsung or participating retailers between June 2 and July 7 and send yours claim within 60 days of purchase. Samsung will let you know if your refund request was successful within 5 working days.

The phone is also qualified for up to £ 200 off with the exchange from Samsung – is here from the value of £ 150 at launch. Currently only the 6GB / 128GB version seems to be available. We will update this article if it changes.

Here are all the top UK retailers selling the Galaxy A52 and all the discounts available:

If you purchased the Galaxy A52 between March 17 and April 27, you can apply a free pair of Galaxy Buds + earphones worth £ 129. See the full list of Qualifying dealers in Samsung.

As part of their Big Tech Giveaway, Three also added one free pair of Galaxy Buds + if you pick up the A52 5G on an unlimited contract (see all contract offers below).

Best contract deals Samsung Galaxy A52 5G – Nintendo Switch Free

You can pick up the Galaxy A52 from all the major UK networks. We have listed all the best deals in all the major networks below.

Our favorite thing to do is Direct mobile phones, where you can get 150GB of data for £ 44 a month with no initial costs, and even charge £ 50 cashback. There are cheaper monthly rates also available for smaller data packets.

  • AO MobileThe best value plan: 30 GB (5G) data for £ 23 per month, initial £ 29.99 (on O2)
  • Mobile Bundles Direct – Data 40GB for £ 39 per month with PS4 without (£ 49.99 initial), or cun Nintendo Switch is 150GB of data for £ 44 per month. See all the bundles available here
  • Carphone StoreThe best value plan: 50GB (4G) data for £ 22.99 per month on iD Mobile
  • EEThe best value plan: 10 GB data for £ 30 initial, £ 44 per month with 1 Smart benefit (BT Sport Ultimate, Video Data pass and even more)
  • Save E2 – Data from 30 GB for £ 22 per month, no initial cost (with £ 96 cashback per refund)
  • iD Mobile – Plans start at £ 21.99 per month and initial £ 19.99 for 5GB data.
  • best value plan: 30 GB (4G) data for £ 22.99 per month, with no initial cost (with £ 96 rebate per month)
  • O2 – Plans start at £ 10 initial, and £ 24.99 per month for 1GB of data for 36 months. You can customize the plan to pay for a shorter term or opt for a higher data deductible and get 3 months of Disney + gift.
  • Sky MobileRefund offer of £ 50, plans start at £ 20 a month, with no initial cost for 2GB data
  • Tesco Mobile (out of stock)- The best value plan: 6 GB (doubled to 12 GB for the first six months) for £ 25.99 per month (36 months), includes ClubCard Plus
  • ThreeRefund offer of £ 50 – Unlimited £ 37 per month is £ 19 initial – Included in the Big Tech Giveaway: Get free Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, JBL Xtreme 3 waterproof speaker or Powerbeats Pro
  • Virgin MobileThe best value plan: Refund offer of £ 50 + Get 100GB data for 24 GBP per month with no upfront cost (36 months)
  • VodafoneThe best value plan: Data from 6 GB for £ 41 per month £ 19 in advance with an additional choice of Amazon Prime (full service), Spotify Premium or YouTube Premium

To see how to get a free Nintendo Switch or other game consoles and gadgets bundled with your phone contract.

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