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30 companies have received licenses for the local production of mobile phones

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Industry and Production confirmed to the National Assembly that 30 mobile companies have received local manufacturing licenses. The decision was made in accordance with the policy of the mobile device industry.

In response to a question from a member of the National Assembly, Wajiha Qamar said that the Ministry of Industry and Production and the Engineering Development Board (EDB) have taken numerous steps. The steps include setting up new factories to meet local demand. In addition, it will also help increase the production of export-quality goods.

As part of the mobile device manufacturing policy, licenses were issued to 30 mobile companies. The move was made to allow companies to start producing mobile devices locally by creating local businesses.

As part of the car development policy (2016-2021), many manufacturers have started assembling new brands of cars.

Greenfield technology is another step both for expanding exports and for import substitution. The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) grants tax relief to businesses. Enterprises that bring new technologies to market.

However, the EDB issued licenses to the companies after checking their production capacities. In addition, the EDB approves only 9 cases of Greenfield status under SROs 887 and 777.

The EDB is developing a policy to promote local production and exports. Other examples are the politics of solar panels, petrochemicals and steel.

In addition, the EDB also assists businesses in increasing exports and production using modern methods.

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