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13 year old iPhone 3GS up for sale for Rs 300,000 in Lahore

The owner is demanding Rs 300,000 for the phone but is also willing to accept a PTA-approved iPhone 13 Pro Max in return.

The world is halfway to 2022, when the iPhone 6 is considered old school, there is a person who sells the iPhone 3GS. It is important to note that the phone is almost 13 years old and is rarely found in working order.

The 13-year-old iPhone 3GS has been listed for sale on OLX (an online exchange). According to the banner ad, the owner is demanding Rs 300,000 for the phone. The person who uploaded the mobile iPhone ad belongs to Lahore.

According to the ad, the iPhone works great and is practically brand new. This is something quite impressive, and all the credit goes to the owner who has worked hard all these years to take care of the phone.

The iPhone just recently stopped updates for the iPhone 7. However, updates for the iPhone 3GS were blocked sometime in 2013. This means that the phone has not been updated for more than 9 years!

The owner in his advertisement stated that he would also give away an iPhone 3GS in exchange for a PTA-approved iPhone 13 Pro max. Just so you know, the PTA approved iPhone 13 Pro max is now on sale in Pakistan for Rs 455,899. The seller also claims that this price is his final and fixed price as he has no interest in entertaining a cheap buyer/deal.

Despite the lack of official stores, Apple has a huge fan base in Pakistan. With the reputation that Apple has built, we can definitely expect a crazy Apple fan to step up and buy the device as a collectible.

The iPhone 3GS, officially developed and marketed by Apple Inc., was launched on June 8, 2009. It was released under the slogan “The fastest smartphone” (2009-2010) and “More to love less to pay” (2010-2012). . The “S” in the name of the iPhone 13GS stands for speed. Over 1 million iPhone 13GS were sold in the first weekend after its release.


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