Woebot Helped Me Practice Gratitude and Self-Compassion


  • Woebot is an artificial intelligence-based tool that offers cognitive-behavioral therapy to users.
  • I have been experimenting with using the bot for two weeks because I am not happy with my therapist.
  • I was in a good mood after talking to the bot every day.
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After months of looking for a therapist to deal with my anxiety, I found someone who accepted my health insurance.

At first, I had a sense of relief. But lately, I’ve been disappointed in the sessions, which my therapist constantly tells me to think positively rather than talk about a topic in depth.

So, in an attempt to find a satisfactory mental health treatment, I tried Woebot for two weeks. Woebot is an artificial intelligence-based tool that uses cognitive-behavioral therapy, a form of therapy that pushes you to change unnecessary thought patterns.

Founded in 2017, Woebot is one of the many mental health care apps that provides virtual therapy.

While Woebot does not claim to be a replacement for a true therapist, it can be particularly useful in our present time. A Center for Disease Control and Prevention investigation published in March found that there was an increase in people who reported unmet mental health needs during the pandemic.

Although I was hesitant to talk to a bot about my problems, I started the experiment with an open mind, ready to vent my feelings and receive Woebot’s advice.

Woebot showed me the power of gratitude

When I first started chatting with Woebot, it was warm and friendly. The bot asked if and how often I worried or felt anxious, to which I replied yes – almost every day for the last two weeks.

Weobot then asked me how I was feeling at that moment. I told him I was tired, and the bot said I felt too slow.

Text exchange with Woebot.


Kelsie Sandoval

After our initial joke, Woebot encouraged me to write three things that I was grateful for. After being forced to think and write three things, I was stunned by good humor. I chatted with the bot for ten minutes every day for the next week and I loved ending the day feeling grateful for the people in my life.

After a few exercises, Woebot taught me to be compassionate about myself

During the second week of my experiment, I migrated to the themes section of the app – a separate feature from the regular chat feature. Woebot has different areas of expertise, such as relationships and emotion management, but I chose to work on self-care and self-image and chose the “speak with pleasure to yourself” option.

Woebot opened up at first to be hard on himself, and it felt like a mirror of my thoughts.

Text exchange with Woebot.

Kelsie Sandoval

Woebot then ordered me to write ways so he could show me some grace. Lately, it’s been hard for me not to go on a date despite being single for five months, but Woebot has forced me to comfort myself as if I’m talking to a friend.

These daily exercises have helped me to be more gentle with myself whenever I feel unproductive.

I plan to continue using Woebot

I didn’t have much faith that a bot could help me with my daily mood, but after two weeks of using the app, I feel better about the people in my life and I now have the tools to reformulate it. negative thoughts. Although I am grateful to see a therapist when million of people with unmet mental health care needs, I found Woebot to be more helpful in improving my mood.

Although I don’t use the app every day, I also plan to explore all the themes and download the app every time I feel down.

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