Why some people attract more mosquito bites than others and how to treat pruritus

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Mosquitoes thrive in warmer weather and are common pests in the summer, feeding on human blood.

You may not notice a mosquito bite at first since its saliva irritates the skin before it bites. However, a few minutes later you may develop one shock that is red and itchywhich will turn into a reddish-brown forest or a dark place, like bruises after a few days.

Some people experience a mild reaction to mosquito bites that resolve within a few days, but others may experience a more severe reaction who needs treatment.

Here’s what is most susceptible to mosquito bites and the steps you can take to treat it and prevent future deaths.

Who do mosquitoes bite?

How susceptible you are to mosquito bites varies per person, he says Stacy Chimento, MD, a dermatologist with Dermatology Riverchase. For example, people who sweat the most produce higher amounts of lactic acid and ammonia, which attract mosquitoes. So, they may end up with several bites while someone else receives only one or two.

Another factor could be the blood group. Research suggests that people with blood type O they are more attractive to moschitos, which may be because they bite more often than others, he says Dylan Alston, DO, a dermatologist with Intermountain Health.

Some studies have also shown that mosquitoes can be more attracted to pregnant people due to physiological changes.

How to treat mosquito bites

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In most cases, mosquito bites will heal on their own in about two to three days, Alston says, but here are some ways to relieve itching and swells in between:

  • Apply a prescription hydrocortisone or antihistamine cream to reduce itching.
  • Rub calamine extract over the morsels. This can also help relieve itching.
  • Place an ice pack or cold towel over the bite to help reduce swelling.
  • Make a paste with 1 tablespoon (tbsp) of baking soda and ½ tbsp of water to help reduce inflammation and itching. Apply on mosquito bites and leave for 10 minutes before washing.

How to prevent mosquito bites 

During the summer, it may seem almost impossible to escape from mosquitoes and their bites, but there are measures you can take to decrease the risk of being bitten.

  • Apply insect repellent recorded with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) before you get out. Mosquitoes can bite through thin clothing, so it’s important to apply it on both the exposed skin and clothing.
  • Wear long sleeves and pants made of thick fabric like denim, if you’re out for an extended period of time in a mosquito-infested area. Also, treat your clothes and tools with 0.5% permethrin – an insecticide that repels mosquitoes.
  • Keep your garden well drained and free of stagnant water. This can help reduce the presence of mosquitoes since they lay their eggs in or near water, Says Alston. For example, pour water that can collect in a bird bath or open a container at least once a week.

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Mosquito bites appear as round pink or white spots on your skin and are often accompanied by itching and swelling.

You can treat mosquito bites at home by applying an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream, a cold compress, or a paste with baking soda and water to the bite site.

If your itching and swelling lasts more than five to seven days or you also experience a low-grade fever, increased redness or swelling of the lips, tongue, or throat, seek medical attention.

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