What is it like to actually do yoga on a wobbly cruise ship


So, we started the lesson, and immediately the ship rocked.

Author and yoga instructor in the warrior pose.

Monica Humphries / Insider

Coincidentally, I signed up for a yoga class on the only day the ship rocked.

For the five days of the cruise, everything went smoothly. There was little movement, and in moments I completely forgot that I was on a huge ship.


But just a few hours before my yoga class, the ship got into more turbulent water and began to move back and forth. This was not unusual for McWilliams.

“There were some rocky ships in Australia,” he said. “It was so difficult that we had to cancel the class because it was too dangerous.”

People who lose their balance can be injured, so if the ship moves too much, the activity is canceled.

What we experienced was insignificant, so we continued our movements.

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