What does “tie” mean after Cara Delevingne donned the “Tie of Patriarchy” vest

  • Cara Delevingne wore a white vest with the words “tie the patriarchy” to the 2021 Met gala.
  • Originally invented by pleasure coach Luna Matatas, this message should be disruptive, empowering.
  • Experts say that when people try anchoring, it’s important to be communicative.

At the 2021 Met Gala, model Cara Delevingne wore a white bulletproof vest with a red “Stick to patriarchy” lettering across the chest.

Pegging is intercourse in which someone wears a dildo with a seat belt and has anal sex.

“It’s about empowering women – equality, gender equality, you know – it’s a bit like sticking it to a man.” Delevingne told Vogue.

This phrase is intended as a form of disruptive empowerment. When she was interviewed by Keke Palmer on the red carpet, Delevingne encouraged viewers to figure out the meaning of the phrase themselves, as explaining it on the red carpet could be an oversight.

Pegging is becoming more and more popular among heterosexual, cisgender men.

As reported by Marie Claire, The term “tethering” was first coined by sexologist Dan Savage, who used it to describe “a woman who anally penetrates a man with a strapped-on dildo.”

Daniel Saint, who conducts sex education workshops in New Health Society, told Insider in 2018 that pegging has reached a new peak in popularity.

“Over the past 10 years, it has gained popularity due to an increase in the number of pornographic videos showing this act, and new consolation for men who have begun to realize that the reasons why they have never tried anal sex have to do with the fear of being identified as homosexuals. , “Saint said.

“For most of the last century, the media and society in general have taught men that enjoying anal sex is not ‘masculine.’ Many men have been trained to believe that if they enjoy anal sex, they are on their way to homosexuality, even if they have never had sexual desires for men. “

Anchoring as a political statement

“Bind Patriarchy” is a slogan that plays on the image of a cisgender woman attached to a cisgender man.

Moon Matatas, a fascinating trainer selling merchandise on his website., said she was the first to come up with the phrase and owns the trademark.

The case, Matatas wrote in post on instagram after the Met Gala, this change traditional gender roles – challenge the notion of cis women as submissive, infiltrated by cis men who are portrayed as dominant.

Secure binding

As Insider previously reported, strapping involves the use of a seat belt and dildo, and it’s important to choose the one that’s right for you. Some straps attach to the waist, but there are options for the hips and arms.

Before trying anchoring, experts recommend setting boundaries and establishing communication. It could be a safe word – or a word you use to stop sex.

Start slowly, use a lot of lubricant, and talk to your partner.

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