Violent protests erupt in LA After Trans woman stripped in a Spa


  • People protested violently after a trans woman undressed in the women’s clothing section of an LA spa, NBC reported.
  • Wi Spa employees said the space is trans-inclusive, since it is illegal to discriminate against trans people.
  • Conservative commentator Tucker Carlson he said it was “amazing” that a customer had harmed the trans boss.
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Violent protests erupted in Los Angeles after a trans woman undressed in a trans-inclusive spa, and a woman recorded a video saying she felt “uncomfortable.” NBC reported.

In the video, posted to Twitter on June 26, the woman filming filed a complaint to front desk employees about a trans woman undressing in the same room as her.

After a viewer asked if she was referring to a transgender person, the woman said “there’s nothing like transgender.”

Another woman in the video said she was “traumatized” by the spa’s non-discrimination policy for trans people.

Another woman, also caught on film, demanded her refund because of the spa’s trans-inclusive policy.

The video went viral, being shared on Twitter and

On June 29, Conservative commentator Tucker Carlson introduced the video exchange “Tucker Carlson Tonight, ”she said the woman’s complaint against the spa was“ amazing ”.

Days later, on Saturday, July 2, protesters gathered outside downtown Koreatown. NBC reported the crowd included people chanting “Save our children,” a QAnon slogan, and some people wore T-shirts with the word “Pedowood,” another QAnon slogan.

One person was assaulted and taken to hospital with a life-threatening injury, NBC said.

Yes Spa issued a statement describing California state law protects transgender people from discrimination in private companies.

“Like many other metropolitan areas, Los Angeles has a transgender population, some of whom like to visit a spa,” the statement said. “Wi Spa is committed to following the law and meeting the needs and safety of all its customers.”


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