Variations and Their Benefits over Other Sexual Positions


  • To do the traditional 69 position, align face-to-face with your partner.
  • To make things more comfortable for everyone, you can also try 69-ing from your side.
  • Responding to some other sexual positions, 69-ing increases the possibility of a simultaneous orgasm.
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I love to give and do you receive in bed 69 may be the perfect sexual position for you and your partner.

Here’s how to do a couple of different 69 positions and also the benefits of this compared to other sexual positions.

How to do position 69

Simply put, position 69 means that partners are positioned face-to-face rather than face-to-face, says the sex and relationship therapist. Stefani Goerlich, LMSW-Clinical, LISW.

Luckily, getting into position 69 is very clear. Follow these steps from Goerlich to take over:

  1. Have a partner lie flat on his back on the bed.
  2. The other partner can climb to the top and align his face with the lying partner’s pelvis, and his pelvis with the lying partner’s face. Play around with what feels most comfortable here If you are on top, you can place your knees on either side of your partner’s head and then support them with your hands or elbows on each side of your partner’s pelvis.
  3. Once you are both comfortable, you can give and receive mutual oral sex, manual stimulation, or play games.

If the couple involves someone with a penis and someone with a vulva, Goerlich recommends that the penis-haver be the person lying down, so that the owner of the vulva can control the depth of penetration during oral sex.

“When positions are reversed, it’s not uncommon for a penis-having enthusiast to press a little too hard into his partner’s mouth, limiting airflow and causing a bit of discomfort,” says Goerlich.

How to make the horizontal 69

The traditional 69 might not be comfortable for everyone. If you want, you can try a horizontal variation of 69.

Goerlich says this variation can be good if the traditional 69 feels too claustrophobic for the partner who is lying or uncomfortable for the person who has to support their weight above their partner.

Follow these steps to enter a horizontal position 69:

  1. The two companions should lie on their sides on the bed, head to toe.
  2. Then both partners can position themselves to align their pelvis with the other partner’s face.
  3. Once comfortable and in position, you can give and receive oral sex, manual stimulation, or play with toys.

The benefits of 69-ing

Aside from being super sexy, the 69th position comes with some benefits, too. Goerlich says some of the benefits of 69ing include:

1. Mutual commitment: During 69, the two partners were actively engaged at the same time. This can reduce the feelings of imbalance or lack of reciprocity that you might feel when giving or receiving oral sex, alone. Both partners give and receive equally.

2. Gender inclusion: No matter your gender or your partner’s gender, you can experience pleasure from 69ing. The position can work with any combination of genitals, as long as it is comfortable for you and your partner.

3. Reduced body anxiety: If you feel self-conscious about your body during foreplay or sex, 69 may be a good option for you: “69 can be a great way to reduce everyone’s vision to a slightly narrower view of the landscape and to hide perceived flaws. “says Goerlich. There is less self-awareness during sex, the more you can enjoy it.

4. More likely to orgasm for vulva owners: If you have a vulva, it is possible that you will need clitoral stimulation to orgasm. A Study 2017 found that 36.6% of women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm – and oral sex is a great way to get this kind of touch.

5. Chance of mutual orgasm: For couples who want to orgasm simultaneously, 69 is a great option because you can closely monitor your partner’s body reactions while also experiencing yours, which can make a mutual orgasm a little easier to do than in other sexual positions.

Take away the Insider

It may take a bit of practice to be really comfortable in position 69, but once you understand it, there is sure to be a lot of pleasure simultaneously for both you and your partner.

Remember that during sex, communication is the key. Keep the line of communication open so you can make your partner feel as good as possible, and vice versa.

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