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The Teladoc Health-Livongo merger continues to expand Teladoc Health’s virtual care capabilities – this time in mental health. Dr.Julia Hoffman, Head of Mental Health Strategy for Teladoc Health, gives us the inside story on the launch of myStrength Complete, the sop-up, next-generation version of the digital mental health app that Livongo has acquired in 2019 and integrated into its “AI-plus-AI healthy person” platform. So, what’s new now that it’s all part of Teladoc? Think of full-service mental health care, similar to what you might find in a digital mental health point solution, but with more providers … placed on top of a standard telehealth and remote monitoring infrastructure … and ready to move on to an overly large opportunity for integration into Teladoc’s virtual primary care offering, Livongo for Diabetes, Livongo for Hypertension, and so on.

myStength Complete is now more than just an intelligent application of cognitive behavioral therapy; it is the entry point into a continuous stream of mental health services. Teladoc Health physicians are ready for telesana consultation alongside a robust portfolio of mental health and coaching and self-service programs that are backed by “health nudges” driven by data made famous by the AI-engine. Livongo AI always improving. Looking ahead, the data integration strategy has a lot of potential to do very well. Julia talks about how her team already leverages the learnings from Livongo products in a better recruitment process for members, helping them more quickly, easily and accurately find the type of care they need. This is no small thing, especially when we find that data from the Teladoc Health Consumer Survey show that about 60% of people seeking mental health care say they have no idea where to start, or that would be his diagnosis. We went into all of those survey results (a small gold mine for those interested in consumer sentiment and digital mental health) and a full “under the hood” look around myStrength Complete in advance of his July to the patrons. This interview is one to watch now for the full details on how Teladoc Health is pushing further into virtual mental health care.

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